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brightwheel Admissions Overview
brightwheel Admissions Overview

[For Admins + Managers] Gain an overview of brightwheel admission features to make student enrollment a breeze!

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Brightwheel offers a wide suite of admissions features for streamlined enrollment, including tracking enrollment, registering new families, and collecting required documentation for your program!

  • Programs and Waitlist features help providers organize students and prioritize who to admit to their programs when an opening arises.

  • Digitally collect information and required documents for new, or returning students via brightwheel Forms.

  • Leverage the Admissions Dashboard to get a holistic view of students in your enrollment pipeline and utilize the Admissions Process & Tracker to monitor family progress in completing required paperwork

Getting Started

If you are new to using brightwheel enrollment features, here are 4 steps to get started.

  1. Watch the Admissions Demonstration video for a high-level overview

  2. Organize enrollment steps in the Admissions Process and Tracker

  3. Track student progress from the Admissions Dashboard and Waitlist

Collect Paperwork from Families

Brightwheel provides different form types that allow programs to digitally collect information, paperwork, and documents from guardians:

Digital form with preset, or customizable fields and questions.

Send a PDF contract for families to review, acknowledge, and digitally sign.

Request files and documents from families, or attach a PDF for families complete outside of brightwheel and re-upload to their child’s profile.

Send fillable PDF forms & documents to families that can be filled out digitally without needing to download and complete outside of brightwheel.

Learn About a Specific Feature

Depending on what admissions features you’d like to utilize, here are some resources.

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