Document Requests allow administrators to request a document from families. Administrators have the option to also upload a form so families can download, print, and fill it out, then send the completed form back to the admin digitally through brightwheel. This allows for the easy exchange of documents with families online which will help centers and families stay organized and reduce the manual overhead of creating, sending, and keeping track of all of their documents.

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Request a New Document

Administrators can either request a document from the parent with explicit instructions or send a document that can be downloaded and completed by the parent who can then submit the completed document to the school through the same tool.

  1. Navigate to the Forms & Requests tab in the Admissions section of brightwheel

  2. Choose the Document Request option under the Create New drop-down

  3. Enter the document's name and notes and click Continue

  4. Add instructions for parents by clicking Edit in this section and saving the instructions

  5. Drag & drop a PDF to the Downloadable form section or choose the Browse to Upload option - Or delete this section by clicking the trash icon

  6. Preview your contract, once complete click Create

  7. Choose to save the contract as a Draft or set Live and click Create

Share a Document Request

Document Requests can be shared with any family in your program directly from the contract's page as long as the student has at least one parent contact added to their account. Alternatively, requests can be shared directly from the Forms & Requests tab in an individual student’s profile. Once a request has been shared with a family, all parents associated with that student will receive an email notification inviting them to review and complete the request. Parents will also be able to view all document requests, contracts, and forms that have been shared with them from the Forms & Requests tab in their student's profile.

Parent View - Completing a Document Request

Immediately after the request has been shared with a parent, they will receive an email with the subject line "[School Name] has requested you complete [Document Name] for [Student Name]". This email will contain a link directly to this request. They can also access this request from the Forms & Requests tab in the student's profile.

The parent will click Start to view the request which will contain the instruction, any potentially included downloadable PDF, and a section for them to upload the requested document. Once they are ready, they can drag and drop the file in the appropriate section or click browse to upload.

Review Document Submissions

In order to ensure data integrity and verify the parent has correctly submitted the document requested, submissions need to be reviewed by an administrator. Any action taken on submissions will update the shared form’s status.

  1. Navigate to the desired form to view submissions

  2. Select Review from the Actions drop-down

  3. Review the document provided on the form and choose Approve or Reject

Form Statuses

  • Shared - The contract has been sent to the parent but no action has been taken

  • In Progress - The contract has been viewed or started by a parent but has not been completed

  • Submitted - The parent has completed the contract and is awaiting review

  • Viewed - The completed contract has been viewed by the center but no action was taken

  • Approved - The submitted contract was appropriately completed and reviewed

  • Declined - The center has determined the information provided was not able to be approved

    • Rejecting a submission will not impact the student’s profile in any way. The submission will remain in the Applications tab on the student's profile and it will show with Declined [date].

Please Note: At this time, requests can only be sent to a family one time. If a submission is rejected, the center will need to create a new copy of that document request for that family to complete.

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