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[For Admins & Managers] Learn to use Fillable Documents to share paperwork with families to complete in brightwheel.

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Fillable Documents allow programs to share required PDF documents and forms that families can complete digitally in brightwheel. Make it easier on families by eliminating the need to download and upload forms, or use external software to complete required documents.

This tool streamlines collecting forms and storing completed PDFs electronically on student profiles. Providers can link family-entered data to profiles for accuracy and compliance. It also facilitates pre-filling Fillable Documents with personalized info.

Fillable Document vs. Document Requests

Brightwheel offers various digital tools for sending and collecting documents from parents. To choose the best tool for your program, review the information on leveraging Fillable Documents or Document Request features.

Fillable Document

Send fillable PDF forms digitally to families via brightwheel, enabling them to fill them out without downloading or leaving the platform.

Document Request

Request PDF files and documents from families such as immunization records or birth certificates. Providers can also add an optional PDF for families to download, complete outside of brightwheel and re-upload in brightwheel.

Create a Fillable Document

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web

  2. Open the Paperwork page on the purple sidebar menu

  3. On the Forms & Requests tab, click Create new

  4. Select Fillable document and enter relevant details (Name, Notes, and the PDF file)

  5. On the right sidebar, select the desired field(s) you wish to add
    💡Data from Custom fields won't appear directly in the student's profile but remains accessible through the form submission.

  6. Update the Field name to match the field on the file
    💡Each Field name must be unique (E.g. Titling two fields “Parent Name.” Instead title each as “Parent Name 1” and “Parent Name 2”).

  7. Optionally, use the switch to make the field required

  8. Click the and drag the field to the corresponding PDF section. Click the right corner of the field box to resize.

  9. Click the X on the sidebar to return & add more fields

  10. Use Preview button and click Save & Exit when ready to save

  11. Click Create

💡 After form submission and download, the purple field box will turn white, displaying the submitted text and covering anything beneath it on the PDF form. Ensure the fillable field box doesn't cover lines or fields you want visible in the final submission.

Share a Fillable Document

Fillable Documents can be shared with all parents associated with the student. Please visit our Sharing Digital Forms Help Center resource for general steps.

Pre-Fill Forms & Send

Program administrators can optionally pre-fill elements of the fillable document before sending it to families. This is especially useful if programs needs to add the school name or prefilled incident reports detailing injuries. After sharing a pre-filled form, the fields won't be editable by parents and they will reset to enable administrators to effortlessly prefill a new instance for a new family.

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web

  2. Open the Paperwork page from the purple sidebar menu

  3. On the Forms & Requests tab locate the desired form

  4. On that form's row, click the Actions drop-down menu

  5. Select Send to parents

  6. Select all or individual students you wish to send to using the checkbox

  7. Click Review Form

  8. Click the desired box(s) to pre-fill and add information for families
    💡Only Custom fieldscan be pre-filled at this time.
    💡Prefilled fields cannot be edited by parents

  9. When ready, click Send

ℹ️ Only forms shared via direct invite can be pre-filled. Forms shared via link access cannot be pre-filled.

Parent View

Immediately after the request has been shared with a parent, they will receive an email with the subject line "[School Name] has requested you complete [Document Name] for [Student Name]". This email will contain a link directly to this request.

They can also access this request from the Forms & Requests tab in the student's profile on the web and mobile app. The parent will click Start to view the request and then Submit when they fill out the required fields.

See our Completing Forms with brightwheel resource for specific steps parents can take to access and submit the form.

Manage Submissions

Review Submissions

Once a Fillable Document is submitted, administrators can view its status, approve the submission, or request changes from the guardian. See our Manage Digital Forms resource for steps on approving, or requesting changes.

Form Statuses

Any action taken on a form will update the shared form’s status. For form status definitions, please visit our Manage Digital Forms resource.


Fillable Documents can be deleted along with individual submissions. Please visit our Manage Digital Forms resource for steps on how to delete.


Can I edit a Fillable Document after it is shared and gone live?

Yes, however, editing a Fillable Document will not affect or change any historical submissions. After making edits, only new families that are sent these will receive the updates. If you made changes after it has already been shared with a family, you can reshare the form. Check out our Sharing Forms help center resource to learn more about this!

Can I duplicate form fields, sections, or questions?

At this time, there is no way to duplicate a field. Instead, you can add a new custom field and copy/paste the name of the field from the previous field you created. Then, place and resize the field as needed on the form.

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