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Using brightwheel
Using brightwheel

Take a deeper dive into each of the many features available in our all-in-one platform.

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Brightwheel Monthly Product Spotlights: What's New and Top TipsLearn how to get more value out of brightwheel with spotlighted features and new improvements.
brightwheel PDF ResourcesA centralized location for all PDF resources our team has curated for admins, staff, and student contacts to leverage.

Edit Digital FormsEditing forms allows providers to adjust existing forms to continue to collect key information from families through brightwheel.
brightwheel Admissions OverviewLearn how to leverage our admissions feature as an admin whether you’re just getting started or already familiar and want to learn more
Sharing Digital FormsLearn how to share digital Forms with your families via invitation or a direct link to collect key information!
Send Messages for Prospective StudentsProviders can use brightwheel’s Admissions Dashboard to send messages for students who aren’t yet actively attending.
Admissions DashboardUse student statuses and programs to organize vital student information and achieve a holistic view of your Admissions pipeline.
Waitlist & Priorities ManagementAdministrators can use waitlists to manage who to admit to their programs should an opening arise based on a combination of characteristics.
ProgramsManage your students and rooms through the use of programs to better understand your enrollment, capacity, and project future resourcing.
Admissions Process and TrackerThe Admissions Process and Tracker allows programs to organize forms in a process and track family progress.
Student Enrollment and Financial DetailsAdministrators can track a student's enrollment history and general family financial and subsidy information from the student's profile.
Creating Digital FormsCustomizable forms allow providers to collect key information from families using pre-set or custom fields directly through brightwheel.
Enrollment ContractsAdministrators can create contract forms via uploaded PDFs with the ability to collect electronic signatures and names from a parent.
Tuition Contract TemplatesDownload and view two potential templates that you can use as a tuition contract for your center.
Document RequestsDocument Requests allow administrators to request a document from families allowing for the easy exchange and tracking of documents.
Download/Print Forms and ContractsLearn how to download and export to print submitted Forms and Contracts as an Admin!