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[For Staff] How staff can view timecards and check in using Attendance Mode, Quick Scan, or Kiosk.

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Staff can use the Check-in Kiosk, Quick Scan, or Attendance Mode to check themselves in and out of any room they are assigned to, depending on the program's settings. Staff can also view their timecards directly from the mobile app!

Administrators and Managers can also take the same steps as staff to check themselves in and out of brightwheel.

💡 Not sure how your program does check in? Please reach out to a program administrator! Each program conducts attendance differently and not all steps below will apply.

Check-in on a Kiosk

🎥 Jump to 1:16 in the video above for staff kiosk check-in!

If your program has enabled Kiosk Mode for checking in, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your staff 4-digit check-in code on the keypad
    💡Steps to view & edit your check-in code can be found here: Edit Your Check-in Code

  2. Select the Room to check in to

  3. If applicable, complete any Health Screen and Submit

  4. Repeat these steps to check out and move rooms!

Scan a QR Code

If your program provides a printed, or digital QR code, staff can do touchless check-in/out by scanning the QR code directly from the brightwheel app!

Please Note: The QR code can only be scanned using a device with a QR code reader(phone/tablet) that has access to the brightwheel app.

  1. Log in to the staff brightwheel account on the app

  2. Tap the ≡ menu in the top left corner

  3. Tap the Check in/out button at the top of the menu

  4. Use the QR scanner that's opened to scan the program's QR code (either printed or displayed on the Kiosk) and continue checking in

🚩 QR codes can only be scanned directly from the brightwheel mobile app. Codes cannot be scanned through a device's camera app.

Check-in Code

Each user has a unique 4-digit check-in code automatically assigned to them and can be customized at any time. Codes can be found and edited in your brightwheel account.

ℹ️ Please visit our Edit Your Check-in Code resource for steps and to learn more.

View Timecard on the Mobile App

As a staff member, timecards can be viewed right from the mobile app! These entries can only be viewed, not edited or deleted. If an entry should be modified, please connect with a program administrator.

  1. Log in on the app

  2. Click the ≡ menu in the top left corner

  3. Tap Timecards

  4. View your personal time card including dates, rooms, check-in times, check-out times, and total working hours for that entry

ℹ️ If you need to modify, or add a timecard, please contact your program administrator.


Why am I getting the error message, “This timecard cannot be updated. The staff member already has a timecard within this time period” when checking in?

This error is happening because the staff member has open or overlapping timecards. Please contact a program administrator to correct these before attempting to check in again.

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