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[For Guardians] Learn how to complete and submit paperwork for your program using brightwheel Forms

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Through brightwheel, contacts with parent-level access can access paperwork requests shared by administrators to view, complete, and submit paperwork directly through their accounts on the web and mobile app. This includes specific requests to complete Forms, Document Requests, Contracts, or Fillable Documents.

Access Forms via Link Sharing

Often, programs opt to share applications and documents that are accessible by a link. This allows parents to follow the link to create a profile for their student at that program and to digitally complete forms and paperwork that may be required for enrollment.

  1. Click the shared link, or copy and paste it into a new browser window

  2. Sign into an existing brightwheel account, or create a new brightwheel account

  3. Select the student’s name from the list, or use the purple + Add a Student button to create a new profile for the student

  4. Complete the form fields

  5. To complete the form for siblings or multiple students, open the shared link again and repeat these steps as needed

Access Forms via Student Profile

Once an administrator has shared a form for a student, that form will be available for all added parent-level contacts on the student’s profile.

On the Web

  1. Click on My Children, and click on the child’s name

  2. Select the Forms & Requests tab from the top of the screen

  3. Click Start to open and begin completing the form

  4. [Optional] Use the Order By filter to sort the forms by Recent Activity or Name to easily locate the correct form

ℹ️ If linked to multiple students or siblings, hit Paperwork from the left sidebar on the web to see how many pending forms you have for each child and access them!

On the App

  1. Click on your student’s profile

  2. Tap the Paperwork icon in the top row of your child’s activity feed

  3. Under the Forms & Requests tab select the form and begin completing it

  4. [Optional] Use the Order By filter to sort the forms by Recent Activity or Name to easily locate the correct form

Complete Forms & Requests

  1. Open the form through the student’s profile, or via the shared link

  2. Click Start to begin entering the requested information into the form

  3. Enter requested information into the fields
    Contracts: Add a digital signature to the form, making sure the name in the signature box matches the printed name exactly
    Document Requests: Upload a PDF document into the form

  4. Click Submit when complete
    💡If the form was shared via a shared link, to complete it for siblings, or multiple students, reopen the link for each subsequent child it must be completed for

ℹ️ Forms that have been approved by the program will show as Approved under the Status column. Please contact your provider if you have questions about the approval, or next steps.

Form Statuses

Each form shared will have a status next to it indicating if the form has been started, completed, needs changes, or has been approved by the program.

  • New - A new form has been shared by the program and needs to be completed

  • In Progress - The form has been started, but not submitted

  • Submitted - The form has been submitted and is awaiting review

  • Viewed - The program has viewed the completed form, but no action was taken

  • Approved - The submitted contract was completed and approved

  • Needs Changes - The program has requested changes and resent the form to be re-submitted


Where can I see the forms that my provider has sent?

Forms will be visible through the student profiles listed in each parent's brightwheel account on the web, but not on the brightwheel app. To view and complete forms, make sure to log in to brightwheel on the web! If you do not see the forms when logging in please verify with the provider that your username is the correct email or phone number they have on file for you.

Can I change my contact info or the contact info listed for another student contact on the form?

The best way to update account info will be to log into brightwheel, select Profile, and then use the email and mobile number fields to enter the updated account information. Contact information for contacts with activated brightwheel accounts cannot be edited through the Applications tools.

Running into trouble with updating contact info? Our Support team would love to help! Parents and other contacts can get in touch with brightwheel Support via email at at any time.

Can I make changes to a form that was submitted earlier?

Once a form is submitted, the completed fields will be saved with the submitted information and can’t be edited. If parents find that changes or updates are required, please get in touch with a program or school administrator to discuss the best way to provide the updated information.

I’m having trouble uploading my documents through the Document Request tool.

Each Document Request application will allow parents to upload one PDF document. If the completed documents are saved as separate files, make sure to combine them into one PDF before uploading. If the completed documents are not PDFs, parents will need to convert them to PDFs before uploading.

I have questions about the content or fields requested on my program’s form.

For more information and context regarding the fields requested on an Application, please get in touch with the provider directly. This content is managed directly by the program administrators, so they’re best equipped to provide clarity on the requested fields!

I've already started a form and it says "In Progress", but I need to change some of the information, how can I delete this form submission?

  • If you haven't submitted the form yet and it's still showing as "In Progress", this has not been sent to your provider yet. You can still make changes to any information you previously added and finalize the form before submitting.

  • If you've already submitted the form, please get in touch with a program or school administrator to discuss the best way to provide the updated information.

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