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How to Contact Support

[For all users] Our exceptional support staff is here to help! Check out this article to determine the best and fastest way to find answers.

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Brightwheel is here to help! The Help Center, like this article, is always the best place to find up-to-date information and instructions on brightwheel features and functionality.

Help Center

Our Help Center is an up-to-date knowledge base with our latest features and releases. The entire knowledge base is searchable and is the quickest way to find information about how our tool works.

The Help Center can be accessed through a web browser at, by opening the Help tab in the brightwheel Messenger window from the web, and by tapping Help from the main menu in the brightwheel mobile app and choosing Help Center.


Whether it's the latest info on product launches, feature updates, tips and tricks to get more value out of brightwheel, or invites to upcoming free events - all of this will be available here in the brightwheel Messenger!

You can access the Newsfeed any time by logging in to brightwheel’s web app, clicking the brightwheel icon on the bottom right of your screen, and jumping to the News tab.

Live Chat for Administrators

Administrators at programs that use brightwheel Premium have access to Live Chat support. Live Chat is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time, or 7 AM to 4 PM Mountain Time. Administrators can easily access Live Chat during these times right from their brightwheel accounts on the app or on the web.

Live Chat via Web

Live chat offers speedy access to our Support Specialists, right from your brightwheel account!

  1. While logged into your account, click the brightwheel logo at the screen's lower-right

  2. Create a message to start a Live Chat, or to send your message to the brightwheel Support team if outside Live Chat hours

Live Chat via App

Quickly connect with a Support Specialist, right through the brightwheel app!

  1. Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner

  2. Tap Help

  3. Tap Send Message to Customer Service

  4. Create a message to start a Live Chat, or to send your message to the brightwheel Support team if outside Live Chat hours

Contact Support via Email

Administrators and staff can also reach the Support team at, and student contacts can reach the Support team at

When emailing Support, we recommend sharing a detailed description of the question or issue, including screenshots, videos, error messages, or names and emails of impacted parents, students, staff, or administrators.

Support for Families

We know that ensuring parents, family members, and other student contacts can use brightwheel successfully is key, and our Support team is here to help.

💡Certain inquiries, like student enrollment, tuition, invoices, program events, and curriculum, must be addressed directly by the provider. Families can reach out to the program through brightwheel Messaging.

Send us a Message through the App

Parents and contacts who have downloaded brightwheel's mobile app can send a message to the Support team right from the app.

  1. Log into the brightwheel app

  2. Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner

  3. Tap Help

  4. Tap Report an Issue

  5. Type a description of your issue or question in the box provided

    💡Please add as much detail as possible as this will allow our Support Team to best assist you!

  6. Tap Send Email

    A new email draft to our Support team will be created with the details you provided along with your device information. Additional questions or issues can be added to the email before sending.

Send us a Message on the Web

  1. Log into brightwheel on the web

  2. Click Help from the purple menu

  3. Click the blue message bubble in the lower right corner

  4. Click Send us a message, and follow the prompts to share the details of your question

Email our Support Team

Families can reach our Support team via email at We recommend reaching out from the email address associated with your brightwheel account, and including a description of the question or issue you're experiencing.

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