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Waitlist & Priorities Management

Administrators can use waitlists to manage who to admit to their programs should an opening arise based on a combination of characteristics.

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Administrators use waitlists to manage and prioritize who to admit to their programs when an opening arises. Often, the primary criteria for who to admit next will be based on a combination of characteristics such as the program with openings and the date a student application was submitted. In addition, administrators often consider other criteria like whether a sibling currently attends the center. 

Brightwheel's Waitlist Dashboard provides administrators with easily accessible waitlists for programs and the ability to quickly organize the students in their waitlist according to priority so that they can easily tell who is next on their waitlist and contact the family about an open spot. 

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Programs & Waitlists

The waitlist feature is directly tied to the information in the  Student Profile, particularly the Enrollment Details panel. These details will be vital when prioritizing students in a particular program's waitlist.

To access your waitlist and make changes, navigate to the Admissions section online, and choose the Waitlists tab. From here click on the desired program. New students can be added to any program's waitlist directly on this page. Adding new students to a program waitlist will also set their status to Waitlist, adding to your enrollment dashboard. Existing students will not have their school status changed. To add a student from the Waitlists tab:

  1. Click +Add Student

  2. Choose Current or New

  3. Enter the name and select a program from the drop-down

  4. Click Add or Create Student

Filtering & Prioritization

The waitlist’s order can be changed at any time, simply click on the Position drop-down and pick a different number. This will move the student currently at that number, and all subsequent students, down one position. Use the Room and Age filters to help choose the best position based on each program's enrollment criteria. By default, students are added at the bottom of the waitlist.

Enroll or Remove

From the waitlist dashboard, a student can be Enrolled or Removed using the Options dropdown.

To enroll a student from a program's waitlist:

  1. Click Options

  2. Choose Enroll

  3. Verify or modify the Homeroom & Enrollment Date on the pop-up

  4. Click Save

This will immediately remove the student from the waitlist and Enroll them in the program. Students who have a future Enrollment Date will have their School Status set to Active on that date. Students who have a past, or blank, Enrollment Date will have their School Status set to Active immediately.

Please Note: Students will be automatically enrolled if an Enrollment Date has been added to their Student Profile.

To remove a student from a program's waitlist:

  1. Click Options

  2. Choose Remove

  3. Confirm your choice by clicking Remove on the pop-up

This will immediately remove the student from the waitlist. If the student is not enrolled in any other programs, their School Status will also be set to Inactive.

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