This is where the fun begins on brightwheel. Get organized by adding your students to Rooms. You can start by running a "pilot" of one classroom or jump right in and add all of your students. Either way, you can do this in a few minutes!

You have two options for adding student information:

  1. Upload in Bulk: The fastest and most convenient way to add student information is through our easy Roster Upload Tool. When uploading information this way, you can include student contacts as well.

  2. Adding Manually: To learn how to add these contacts manually, see the instructions below.

After you add students, you can continue with school set up by inviting your parents or add your staff members on brightwheel. Or skip to the the fun part:  Log Activities for a Daily Report or Take Attendance

Table of Contents:

Adding Students On The Web

  1. Select Students on the top tab

  2. Click the button + New Student on the far right  

  3. Type as many student names and their assigned rooms as needed

  4. Click Save Students when complete

Please Note: Students can be added to multiple rooms. You can do that at any time from the Student Profile.

Adding Students On Your Mobile App

When you set up your school, you will be taken through the Setup Wizard. This Wizard will prompt you to create your rooms and add students... you won't miss it! 

At any point in the future, if you would like to add an additional student, follow the instructions below:

iPhone/iPad (iOS) 

  1. Open the App and select School Profile from the Administrator Home screen

  2. Tap the Students box at the top of the screen

  3. Hit the + icon and enter the new student information

Android devices

  1. Tap the School Profile on the Administrator Home screeh

  2. Select Students on the top

  3. Select the + icon and type in the new student name and designated room

Note: Only Administrators can add new students from the mobile app. As a staff member, you can still do that from the web.


Adding Students Profile Picture & Information

Every student has a profile and an activity feed.  Staff with edit privileges and the student's parents (with permission) can update the child’s profile information. The profile is sectioned off depending on the type of information being recorded:

  • Personal Info: This sections included Name, Birthday, Allergies, Notes, Medications, and Doctor contact information.

  • Address: Enter the student's mailing or physical address here.

  • Rooms: Manage a student's room assignments in this section, read more on this here.

  • School Details: Track administrative information such as Status, Schedule, Time In/Out, Gender, Meal Type, and Student ID.  More on this here. This information is not viable by parents.

  • Contacts: Assign student contacts such as Parents, Family, Approved Pickups, and Emergency Contacts.  More on this here.

  • Immunizations: (Premium Feature Only) Track student's immunization date in a single location, more on this here.

  • Attachments: This feature enables administrators to add attachments directly to an individual profile for download later, share with staff, parents, and family, and report on expiring documents that need to be renewed. More on this here.

Note: All of this can be uploaded with our easy Roster Upload Tool!

In addition, we have made it easy to add a profile picture for each student directly from the app! Here's a great walk through on how to do this.

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