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Student Enrollment and Financial Details
Student Enrollment and Financial Details

[For Admins + Managers] Learn how to track a student's enrollment history and family financial information from the student's profile.

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Brightwheel wants to ensure that centers can track relevant enrollment and financial details about students. In brightwheel administrators are able to track and view a student’s enrollment needs from their student profile. This includes information like desired and actual enrollment dates, program desired, family employers & income details, and other relevant information pertaining to enrollment.

Please Note: Information contained in these panels are viewable and editable by Administrators and Managers only.

Enrollment Details

The information collectible in the Enrollment Details panel is intended to track a prospective student's interactions with the school. From their first contact to graduation, these dates serve to help administrators understand and project enrollment in the future. 

Enrollment Fields

  • First Contact Date - The date the prospective first contacted the school.

  • Toured Date - The date the prospective family toured the school.

  • Paperwork Date - The date all paperwork for the family/student has been submitted.

  • Desired Start Date - When the student will be expected to start.

  • Enrollment Date - The actual date the student starts attending.

  • Graduation Date - The date the student leaves the program or center.

  • Expected Birthdate - Serves as a placeholder for the prospective student's birthday when working with expecting parents.

  • Sibling Attending - This is a simple Yes/No option to track family enrollment.

  • Programs - Displays the program(s) the student is enrolled in and their status in that program.

  • Additional Details - A free form field for administrators to track additional information.

While many of these fields are only editable from the Student Profile, the Program & Program Status, and Additional Details can be edited from the Enrollment Dashboard.

In addition, if the student has an agreed-upon start date, administrators have the option to automatically change the student's School status to Active on that day. You can do this when enrolling a student from a waitlist, or on the profile by setting the student’s school status to Enrolled, and selecting the Set Status to "Active" on Enrollment Date box. An email notification will be sent to the administrators on that day alerting them that the status has been changed.

💡 Please view our Programs and Waitlist articles for more information on creating programs and adding students to waitlists!

Financial Details

🚩 This section operates separately from our Billing feature and is used only for tracking purposes.

The information collectible in the Financial Details panel is intended to track the family's general employment, financial, and subsidy information.

Enrollment Fields

  • Name of Parent(s) Employer - There are fields to track the employer's name of any parents associated with the student.

  • Family Income - This field gives the option to select a family income of: Below 25,000 per year, 25,000 to 50,000 per year, 50,000 to 75,000 per year, 75,000 to 100,000 per year, 100,000 to 125,000 per year, or 125,000 and above.

  • Subsidy - This is a simple Yes/No option to track if a student is enrolled in a subsidy program or not. 

  • Subsidy Details - A free form field to add any additional information needed regarding the potential subsidy. 

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