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Manage Students via Enrollment Status
Manage Students via Enrollment Status

[For Admins & Managers] Learn how to use student enrollment statuses to uphold student and program data

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Brightwheel offers many different student statuses to ensure that all student and school data is maintained: Active, Graduated, Inactive, Removed, Duplicate, Prospect, Toured, Applied, Waitlist, and Enrolled!

Learn more about the status uses, how to set/adjust statuses, how to archive student profiles, and more below!


Who can set/adjust student enrollment statuses?

  • Admins can manage student statuses individually or in bulk on the web, and only individually on the mobile app.

  • Managers and Lead Staff can only manage statuses individually on the mobile app

  • Managers cannot select the Inactive, Duplicate, Removed, or Graduated statuses

Enrollment Status Uses

  • Active: recommended for students who are regularly attending a program

  • Graduated, Inactive, Removed, and Duplicate: options for students who will no longer be attending the program

  • Prospect, Toured, Applied, Waitlist, and Enrolled: students who may be attending in the future but aren’t attending regularly yet

There is no functional difference between these statuses other than for filtering, so programs can choose to use whichever statuses are the best fit for their program.

Set & Adjust Enrollment Statuses

Students' enrollment statuses can be set on their profiles on the web or the mobile app. Keeping track of accurate statuses is crucial for any program and enables easy filtering of students.

💡 Setting a student's status from Active to Inactive will not impact a student contact's visibility into their own brightwheel account, payments, payment history, etc.

On the Web

On the App

  1. Log in to your account on the web

  2. Click to expand My School and then select Rooms

  3. Click to open the appropriate room

  4. Check the box next to the student(s) who need to be updated
    💡 If needing to make bulk changes, select all the applicable students!

  5. Click Change Status

  6. Use the drop-down menu to select the new status for the student(s)
    💡 If the intent is to archive the student profile, review the section below and follow those steps to ensure all actions needed are taken.

  7. Click Confirm to complete the changes

  1. Log in to your account on the app

  2. Click School Profile

  3. Click Students at the top of the page

  4. Locate the students name and click it

  5. Click in the Status field to select the updated option from the list

  6. Click Save once finished

Filter by Enrollment Status

Throughout the brightwheel web and mobile apps, filters are applied by default so that only students with Active or no enrollment statuses are displayed. This prevents cluttering of classrooms and avoids confusion.

Update Status Filters on the Web

Filter students by status using dropdown under Student status or click X to remove a status filter.

Update Status Filters in the App

Programs can customize student enrollment statuses displayed on the mobile app. Options include showing only Active students in classrooms or expanding to include students with statuses like Inactive, Duplicate, Prospect, etc.

  1. From the Administrator Home page, tap Rooms

  2. Once in the room, tap Manage in the top right corner, or the settings wheel on Android

  3. Tap the Student Status filter

  4. Tap the enrollment statuses you wish to display in that room

  5. Tap Save

  6. Tap the back button. You'll then see students with the selected statuses appear in the Room.

Archive Student Profiles using Enrollment Statuses

Many programs need to retain access to records for billing, taxes, licensing, and other reporting purposes, and brightwheel understands how important it is to always have reliable access to data. With this in mind, deleting or erasing a student profile is not an option. Instead, student enrollment statuses can be used to organize and filter out archived students.

Administrators can change students' enrollment status to Inactive, Graduated, Removed, or Duplicate to archive them, preserving their data while separating them from active students by default when viewing rooms and student lists. It allows administrators to maintain data access and filter their view to active students.

Please Note: Changing a student's enrollment status to Inactive, Graduated, Removed, or Duplicate will not remove student contacts or affect their access automatically. They will continue to see the student's profile under their account and will have the ability to message the school unless they are removed from the contact section of the student's profile.

We recommend archiving via the web platform for a smoother experience.

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click to open the My School menu on the sidebar and select Students

  3. Use the available filters to locate the applicable student and click their name to open their profile

  4. In the Enrollment Details tile, locate the "Set Status to "Active" on Enrollment Date" checkbox and ensure this is NOT checked. If it is, click Edit, uncheck it, and Save.

  5. In the School Details tile, click Edit

    1. Update the Status to Inactive

    2. Click Save

  6. If the student has an active billing plan, a window will appear offering the option to delete the billing plan. Use the prompts to select the desired options and Delete plan

    💡 If there is no option to delete a student's active billing plan while updating a student's status, please reference this article on how to delete a student's billing plan manually.

  7. In the Rooms tile, click Edit

    1. Remove all assigned Rooms using the X

    2. Click Save

  8. [Optional] In the Contacts section, click Edit

    1. Remove any needed student contacts

    2. Click Done

Manage Archived Profiles

  • Make sure archived students are also removed from any assigned rooms as outlined above

  • Archiving a profile won’t impact whether parents and other added contacts are able to view the profile. If parents remain added to the student’s contact list, they’ll continue to have access to historical messages, activities, attendance data, and billing records even if the profile is archived. If contacts should not have access to this profile, administrators or managers can choose to remove them as contacts from the student's profile. Contacts that are removed will no longer have access to any information, data, or records related to the profile.

  • If needed, administrators can restore archived profiles at any time by searching for the student’s name and adjusting their status back to Active.

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