Assign Students to Rooms

Assign students to rooms created within your school to keep track of their whereabouts. Set a Homeroom to simplify the check-in process.

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Assigning students to rooms allows you to better track your student's activities across several brightwheel features such as reporting, logging activities, and tracking attendance and room changes throughout the day.

Brightwheel allows you to assign as many rooms to any student as needed. To make the check-in process easier for teachers and parents, we also have a Homeroom feature. Students are only able to move to rooms they are assigned to.

  • Homeroom - This will be the default room shown at check-in for the student.

  • Additional Rooms - All other rooms a student is assigned to, this allows them to be moved, checked in and out of, and parents can receive messages from.

Table of Contents

On the Web

  1. Log in to your account on the web

  2. Click to expand My School and then select Students

  3. In the 'Rooms' box, click Edit

  4. Use the drop-down menus to add a new homeroom or additional other rooms

  5. Click X to remove any needed rooms from the 'Others' section

  6. When finished, click Save

On the Mobile App

  1. From the Administrator Home page, select Rooms

  2. Navigate to the appropriate room and tap the appropriate student

  3. Tap Profile in the top right corner of the screen

  4. Under Rooms, tap Homeroom if you wish to edit the student's homeroom assignment or Others if you wish to add or remove any room assignments

  5. When finished, click Save

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