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Check-in Students with Attendance Mode
Check-in Students with Attendance Mode

[For All Staff] Programs can manage the attendance of students and staff at once in brightwheel. Check-in/out, move students between rooms, and mark absent!

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Brightwheel's Attendance feature enables internal tracking of student whereabouts throughout the day from the app and web, including staff check-ins and outs.

This is how staff at a program can check in/out students, move them between rooms, or mark absent, in addition to staff checking themselves in and out if the Staff Check-in from Any Device setting is enabled.

Log Attendance on the Mobile App

Admins and staff at a school can easily move students between rooms, mark absent, and check-in/out via Attendance Mode. Kiosk Mode is recommended for parent self check-ins.

  1. Navigate to the desired room on the mobile app

  2. Tap Attendance

  3. Select the student(s) you wish to take attendance for, or tap Select All

  4. Review the options appearing at the bottom of the screen

    1. To check in/out a student, tap the Check In, or Check Out button

    2. To mark a student absent, tap the Absent button. Optionally select the reason for the absence & add a custom note

    3. To move a student between rooms, tap the Move Room button at the bottom of the screen. The student will automatically be checked into the new room and checked out of the previous room.

      🚩 Students and staff must be assigned to the rooms before moving between them. Changing rooms does not generate notifications for parents.

  5. Tap Close in the top left corner to exit Attendance Mode

ℹ️ Check-in/out records cannot be logged for a future time or date.

Log Attendance on the Web

To check students in and out, or mark absent from the web:

  1. Under My School navigate to the Students tab OR the Rooms tab from the purple dashboard menu
    💡Filter by Student Names, Room, or Enrollment status to narrow your search

  2. Click Check in or Mark absent next to the student

    1. If marked absent, optionally select the reason & add a custom note

  3. Once checked in, click Move Room, or Check Out

  4. Check attendance status in the Daily Attendance column. Rooms highlighted green indicate a student is checked in.

🚩 Parent contacts will be notified of attendance actions logged on the web. To log attendance without notifying guardians, please Log Attendance on the Mobile App.

ℹ️ Bulk attendance actions cannot be logged on the web currently. Please Log Attendance on the Mobile App for bulk actions.

Attendance Notifications

By default, student contacts are not notified when attendance actions are performed via Attendance Mode on the mobile app. This allows programs to track student whereabouts without alarming parents about room checkouts.

💡 Notifications for this feature can be turned on in your check-in settings.

Once a student is checked in, a teal "Checked-in" banner will appear near a student's profile bubble on the mobile app to alert staff that the student is checked into that room.

Staff Attendance

Administrators can check staff in and staff can check themselves in via Attendance Mode. To learn more about staff check in, review our Staff Check-in Help Center resource!

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