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Manage School Check-in Settings
Manage School Check-in Settings

Learn how to configure various Check-in Settings from the web or mobile app to meet your program's needs for students and staff

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To improve flexibility, brightwheel empowers school administrators to set up their check-in settings in a way that will best fit the needs of their program. Adding the option to collect signatures and Quick Scan functionality improves security and reduces lines during the pickup and drop-off rush!

Update Check-in Settings

On the Web

  1. Log in to your administrator account

  2. Click your profile tile in the bottom left corner

  3. Click School settings

  4. Under Check-in Kiosk Settings, you’ll have the option to update Quick Scan, Quick Scan Refresh, Digital Signatures, or Health Screens
    💡Review the sections below to learn more about these specific settings!

On the App

  1. Log in to your administrator account

  2. From the Administrator Home screen, tap School Profile

  3. Under School Settings, tap Check-in Settings

  4. Under Check-in Kiosk, you’ll have the option to update Digital signatures, Student and Staff health Screens, Quick Scan, Quick Scan Refresh, Share with Parents, and Staff Check-in from Any Device
    💡Review the sections below to learn more about these specific settings!

Check-in Kiosk Settings

Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures are a great way to increase the security of the center’s check-in experience. Enabling this option on the Check-in Settings page will require a student’s contacts to sign on the screen of the device being used to check in the student. The student contact will be prompted for a digital signature upon checking the student in or out for the day. This can also help meet state or licensing requirements, be sure to double-check with state authorities.

A picture of the signature will be included on the Check-in Report when viewed online. When this report is exported, the signature will be accessible via a link included in the export.

Health Screen

Brightwheel’s Health Screen option allows administrators to implement a customizable questionnaire that can be required of staff and/or students upon check-in. You can choose to enable Student Health Screens at check-in or at home, and also Staff Health Screens at check-in. The Check-in Health Screening can be used in conjunction with brightwheel's Check-in Kiosk and Quick Scan features to minimize the touching of communal surfaces. These practices help administrators maintain a safe and healthy environment for students and staff members. See this article for more information on the Health Screen option and how to customize the questionnaire for students and staff.

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan feature allows student contacts with Parent or Approved Pickup permissions, to check their student in/out through their personal devices. When QuickScan is enabled, the person checking in the student can scan the QR-Image and complete the check-in process on the go! If the person checking in the student does not have access to the brightwheel app or does not want to use the Quick Scan feature, they can still complete the check-in/out using their check-in code but using Kiosk Mode instead.

💡 Check out our Quick Scan FAQ article for more information!

Quick Scan Refresh

If the Quick Scan setting is toggled on, this setting will also become available. Toggling on the Quick Scan Refresh setting forces the app to generate a new QR code every three hours. Some centers choose to enable this to increase security, but it is not something that should be enabled if you are intending on printing the QR code.

Attendance Settings

There are two key attendance settings. These settings help determine how parents and staff experience brightwheel.

Please note: These settings can only be accessed and managed in the mobile app. Any attendance logged on the Web will be visible to parents. The Share with Parent setting only applies to the mobile app attendance.

Share with parents

If toggled on, this feature will notify a parent contact for a student and update the student’s feed anytime staff uses the Attendance Mode on the mobile app to check a student in/out of a room.

Even with this setting toggled on, anytime the Move Room feature is used, these records won't automatically be visible to or notify parents. Admins can make these records visible on a student's activity feed for parents by approving the Staff Only posts, if desired.

Staff check-in from any device

If toggled on, this feature means that staff can check themselves in from any device logged into brightwheel as a staff account. Toggling the setting off means that staff will need to use a Check-in Kiosk or Quick Scan method instead. The image below shows the Staff tab that also won’t be visible once this setting is turned off.

Learn more about other School Settings like Learning, Access, and Payroll by viewing our School Settings resource!

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