To improve flexibility, brightwheel empowers school administrators to set up their check-in settings in a way that will best fit their program. Adding the option to collect signatures and Quick Scan functionality improves security and reduces lines during the pickup and drop off rush! These settings are separated into the following categories: 

Parent Check-in Settings

The parent check-in settings allow the school administrator to determine the steps required for a parent to check-in/out their student. Each parent will be required to use their check-in code when using the Check-in Kiosk, regardless of these settings, but the administrator can collect additional details such as Signatures or Drop Off Forms. Each of these features is outlined in detail below.

Attendance Settings

The attendance settings dictate two key features:

  • Share with parents: Toggling this feature on will mean that when any staff at your program uses the Attendance Mode to check a student in/out of a room or uses the Move Room feature, the parent will be notified the same way they are when the student is check-in/out using the Kiosk. 
  • Staff check-in from any device: Enabling this feature means that staff can check themselves in from any device logged into brightwheel as a staff account. Disabling it means that they will need to have access to an admin device when clocking in/out.

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Update Check-in Settings

Updates to your check-in setting can be done from the School Profile on the mobile app or School Settings online.

From the App

  1. Open up to the Administrator Home screen
  2. Choose School Profile at the bottom on the screen
  3. Select Check-in Settings listed under School Settings
  4. Make your desired changes and Save

From the Web:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and click School Settings
  2. Choose the Check-in tab
  3. From here make any adjustments needed

Check-in/Out Method

This is where a school administrator can enable Digital Signatures. This will require a parent to sign on the screen of the kiosk device, or their own devices if your program is using quick scan.  The parent or approved pickup will be prompted for a digital signature upon checking their student in or out for the day. 

A picture of the signature will be included on the the Check-in Report when viewed online. When this report is exported, you will be able to access the image via a link included in the export. 

Drop Off Form

Drop-off forms are also a helpful option for parents to leave additional information such as when their child woke up, ate last, the last time they used the bathroom, to set an optional pickup time, or just to leave a note. This option is built into the check-in experience and does not require any setting changes for parents to use the Add info option. 

This additional information will be included in the check-in record and viewable from the student's feed for both staff and parents.

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan feature allows parents, and any other approved pickup, to check their student in/out via their personal devices. This is done by having the person checking in their student scan the QR-Image and complete the check-in process on the go! 

Check out our Quick Scan FAQ article for more information.

Enable Quick Scan

By toggling on the quick scan option in your check-in settings, parents will start seeing the QR code in addition to the pin pad when viewing the check-in Kiosk. This allows parents to complete the check-in/out process from the school device by entering their check-in code, or from their personal device by scanning the QR Code. 

Quick Scan Refresh

By toggling on the quick scan refresh feature, you are telling the system to generate a new QR code every three hours. Do not enable this feature if you are intending on printing the QR code.  

Print your QR Code

The Quick Scan feature allows you the option to use a printout of the QR code, instead of using the QR code within the app or desktop. This is a handy way to speed up check-ins by posting a few printouts around your center, or at your classroom entrance. To print your school's QR code:

  • Log into brightwheel online and click your email address in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click School Settings
  • Select the Check-In tab
  • Toggle Quick Scan On and Quick Scan refresh Off
  • Click Enter Check-in Mode 
  • Use the Print button in the upper right-hand corner

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