Brightwheel's Attendance feature allows you to internally track the whereabouts of each student throughout the day. Staff can check students in and out, move them to different rooms that the student is assigned to, or mark them absent. By default, parents are not notified when actions are made in Attendance Mode allowing you to record the whereabouts of each student without alarming parents that their student has been checked out of a room. If you prefer, notifications for this feature can be turned on in your check-in settings.

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Group Attendance

The Group Attendance feature is a time-saving efficient way to make actions in the attendance feature. If you need to perform the same action for more than one student at the same time, simply select each of them by tapping on their faces and then choosing the action. 

To use this feature during check-in:

  1. On your home screen, tap Attendance from the top banner

  2. Select the student(s) you wish to check in

  3. Click the Check-in button at the lower-left of the screen

  4. Click Close in the top left hand corner to exit the Attendance page and return to your home screen

You can repeat the process to check-out multiple students. Keep in mind, it is always preferred to utilize the Kiosk Mode to check-in/out student. 

Please Note: Check-in/out records cannot be logged for a future time or date.

Mark Absent

It's important to document when a student did not attend school when they were expected. Attendance Mode allows teacher to mark a student absent if they have not arrived. If the student arrives later, no problem, simply check them in as normal. 

  1. Tap Attendance from from the app's home screen

  2. Select the student(s) you wish to mark absent

  3. Click the Absent button at bottom of the screen

If you would like to add a note to the absentee record, navigate to the student's feed on web or mobile and edit the record to add a note.  

Please Note: A grey X will appear near a student's face to alert staff that the student is absent.

Move Rooms

Student often move between rooms throughout the day for different activities and elective. To move multiple students to a different classroom during the day:

  1. On your home screen, tap Attendance

  2. Select the student(s) you wish to move

  3. Click the Move Room button at bottom of the screen

  4. Choose the Room you wish to move them to

The student will be checked-in to the Room you move them to and checked-out of the room they were previously in.

Please Note: 

Daily Attendance Summary

The Daily Attendance Summary in brightwheel allows teachers and staff to pull an attendance report based on classroom, status, and any 32-day date range to see how many days a specific student was in attendance during that time. The report will count a student as present for a day if that the student has a check-in for that day. This report is the perfect place to catch and correct errors!

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