Brightwheel offers the most streamlined and flexible check-in process in early education software. Administrators can manage their check-in settings to determine exactly how they would like to have parents check their students in each day by collecting parent signatures or enabling Quick Scan! The Kiosk also locks your screen and pauses notifications to maintain a secure process for your school.

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Access the Check-in Kiosk

Any teacher with admin access can launch the Check-in Kiosk. This is where parents will enter their four digit check 4-digit code prior to having their student(s) be displayed for check-in. 

  1. Navigate to the Administrator Home Screen on the mobile app

  2. Tap Check-in Kiosk

  3. Enter your 4-digit code 

Please Note: This code can be found under Edit Profile in your account.

Parent Check-in

Once the administrator has determined the proper settings for the school and the Check-in Kiosk is launch, Parents will use one of the 3 options for checking in their student:

  1. Check-in Code Only (default)

  2. Check-in Code + Signatures

  3. Check-in Code+ Quick Scan

Please Note: Parents can find their 4-digit code under Edit Profile in their accounts.

Check-in Code Only

This is the default setting for the Check-in Kiosk and is done from the school's device. 

  1.  Parent enters their 4-digit check-in code 

  2. Parent can then toggle the in/out button to check their child in or out

  3. Parent taps Done to complete the process

Please Note:  If two parents have the same check-in code, they will be prompted to enter the last four digits of the phone number on their profile, to confirm who their identity.

Check-in Code + Signature

This is the exact same process as above, but the parent will be required to sign the screen in addition to 

  1. Parent enters their 4-digit code on the school's device

  2. Parent toggles the in/out button next to their child's name, then taps Done

  3. Parent leaves a digital signature, and taps Done again to complete

Please Note: Only parents/approved pickups can check-in students via the Check-in Kiosk. For teachers to check-in students, please use Attendance Mode.

Check-in Code + Quick Scan +/- Signature

  1.  Parent scans the QR code with their phone 

  2. Parent toggles the in/out button to check their child in or out on their own device

  3. Parent taps Done, then enters their 4-digit check-in code on their own device

Please Note: Administrators can enable Quick Scan and Signatures to require a digital signature when completing check-in.

Check-in Kiosk in Room Device

The Check-in Kiosk is also available while your device is in Room Device Mode! To enter Check-in Kiosk while in Room Device Mode:

  1. Navigate to the Attendance tab 

  2. Tap on the Open Check-in Kiosk button at the bottom

  3. Use the Kiosk as normal

Please Note: There are a few differences compared to the regular kiosk mode:

  • The screen will not be locked, which means no check-in code is required to enter or exit the kiosk.

  • Push notifications will still be displayed while in the kiosk (in the regular check-in kiosk, push notifications are blocked).

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