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Brightwheel now offers a streamlined check-in process for parents. Parents can simply enter their check-in code first, and brightwheel will display only their children for them to check-in/out. This feature is also available while in Room Device Mode, more on that here

The QR Code for Quick Scan is also now conveniently displayed in the Check-in Kiosk for parents who wish to check-in their child via their phones.

By using the Check-in Kiosk, the school can choose which type of check-in method they'd like parents to use within their check-in settings: 

  1. Check-in Code only
  2. Check-in Code + Quick Scan 
  3. Check-in Code + Signature

Check-in Kiosk

Any teacher with admin access can setup the Check-in Kiosk:

  1. From the home screen select the 3 horizontal lines at the top-left of the screen (iOS & Android)
  2. Tap Check-in Kiosk
  3. Enter your 4-digit code. This code can be found under Edit Profile in your account.

(updated staff check-in video coming soon)

Parent Check-in

Once the Check-in Kiosk is setup, Parents will use one of the 3 options for checking in their child, depending which option the school has enabled. 

Note: Parents can find their 4-digit code under Edit Profile in their accounts.

Option A: Entering code on school device

  1.  Parent enters their 4-digit check-in code 
  2.  If two parents have the same check-in code, they will be prompted to enter the last four digits of the phone number on their profile, to confirm who their identity.
  3. Parent can then toggle the in/out button to check their child in or out
  4. Parent taps Done to complete the process

Option B: Code + Quick Scan 

Note: This option requires use of a parent's mobile device

  1.  Parent scans the QR code with their phone 
  2. Parent toggles the in/out button to check their child in or out on their own device
  3. Parent taps Done, then enters their 4-digit check-in code on their own device

Option C: Code + Signature

  1. Parent enters their 4-digit code on the school's device
  2. Parent toggles the in/out button next to their child's name, then taps Done
  3. Parent leaves a digital signature, and taps Done again to complete

    Please note: currently only parents can check-in students via the Check-in Kiosk. For teachers to check-in students, please exit Kiosk Mode and tap the Check-in or Attendance icon on the Room screen.

Printable Check-in Instructions

Click here to download Printable Check-in Instructions for your center. These instructions include Pin code, Pin +Signature, and Quick Scan  instructions and serve as visual aids for parents when checking in their children.

(Print or download them by clicking the print or download icons at the top-right of the screen after clicking on the above link.)

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