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[For Admins + Managers] Learn how to view, add, and manage staff timecards!

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Easily view, add, and manage staff timecards from your account to ensure accurate records for payroll and ratios!

View Staff Hours

Within your Staff & Payroll page, you can click into Time tracking to access timecards and reports. This tab was recently created and combined the previously existing Timecards and Payroll tabs to allow you to see all time tracking needs in one central place! By clicking further into the Time summary tab, total hours worked within a given time period will be visible, can be filtered, and exported or printed.

Another option is viewing this same information in the Time Summary Report under the Reporting menu option.

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Add a New Timecard

Adding a new time for missed clock-ins can be easily remedied!

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click the Staff & Payroll section on the right-side menu

  3. Jump to the Time tracking tab

  4. Click the Add timecard button in the upper right corner

  5. Choose the staff member in the 'Staff' dropdown menu

  6. Input the date the timecard is for

  7. Input the Room the timecard is for

  8. Input the staff member's Time in and Time out

  9. If needed, click + Add another timecard to repeat the process for another date/time

  10. When finished, click Create

Edit/Delete a Timecard

Editing or deleting a staff's timecard can be done from either the web or mobile platform. Administrators are the only ones who can make modifications to a timecard entry.

On the Web

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click the Staff & Payroll section on the right-side menu

  3. Jump to the Time tracking tab

  4. On the All timecards tab, use the Date, Staff, and Room filters to locate the applicable timecard
    💡 View timecards for all time by selecting By > All time in the Date filter!

  5. Once located, click Actions on the timecard row

  6. If editing, click Edit

    1. Adjust the Room and Time in/out as needed

    2. Click + Add another timecard to add another time card for the same or a different day as needed

    3. When finished, click Save

  7. If deleting, click Delete

    1. Click Delete again to confirm the action

On the App

  1. Log in on the app

  2. From the Administrator Home, tap on Staff

  3. Tap the View Timecards button at the bottom of this screen

  4. View all staff timecards including dates, staff name, room, check-in, and check-out time

  5. Click on any timecard entry to edit or delete it

  6. If editing:
    💡 If staff are consistently forgetting to check out for the day and encountering an error when they go to check in the next day, enable the Auto Check Out Staff setting for your program!

    • Tap the pencil icon next to the In/Out times to adjust them

    • If removing a timestamp, click Remove

    • If updating a timestamp, click Set when finished

  7. If deleting:

    • Click the 🗑️ icon in the top right corner and the page will automatically reload and the timecard entry will be deleted

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