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[For Admins + Managers] Learn how to view and export the Timecards report for active/removed staff.

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Use the Timecards report to gather data on individuals in/out records for a desired date range, as well as seeing the associated Rooms the staff was checking in/out of.

💡 We also recommend viewing this same information that is now centralized by navigating to the Staff & Payroll page and then Time tracking. Learn more about the Time tracking page here.

Report Overview ↓

When navigating to the Timecards report under Reporting > Reports, the following columns will be visible:

  • Date - This is the date of the initial check-in

  • Staff Member - Full name of the staff member

  • Daily Total - The total number of hours the staff member was checked in

  • Room - The room the staff member was checked in to

  • Time In & Out - The exact date and time the punch occurred

  • Total - Calculated total number of hours per check-in/out

View and Export

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Navigate to the Reporting page on the side menu and select Reports

  3. Under Staff reports, select Timecards

  4. Use the Staff Member, Room, and Date from/to filters as needed

  5. Click Apply

  6. Select the Employee, Room, and/or Date Range and click Apply

  7. Download, Export or Print as needed

    1. To download or export, click the Export button

      1. Select File Type: CSV or PDF

      2. If downloading, simply click Download

      3. If exporting, select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients and then click the Email to button

    2. To print, click the Print button

      1. Type CMD/CNTRL + P on your keyboard to open the print preview pane

      2. Adjust the print settings and print on a local device

ℹ️ The total listed at the top is the total number of hours for the page currently in view. If there is more than one page of results, scroll down to the bottom and click Show All to view all of the records and the cumulative total.

Timecards for Removed Staff

Once a staff member has been removed from brightwheel, their name will no longer appear in the drop-down menu when viewing Time Summary or Timecard Reports. To view these reports for removed staff members:

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Navigate to the Reporting page on the side menu and select Reports

  3. Under Staff reports, select Time Summary or Timecards

  4. Leave the Select Employee field blank to run the report for all staff members

  5. Select the needed date range

  6. Click Apply to generate the report

  7. Export the report as a .CSV file to an email address

  8. Open the attached report, and use a spreadsheet tool to search or filter for the removed staff member's name

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