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[For Admins & Managers] Learn how to remove/delete staff at the program

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Admins and Managers are able to manage and delete staff members on the website and mobile app. Admins can remove a staff member with any role and Managers can only remove staff members with the role of Manager, Lead Staff, or Staff.

Once a staff member has been removed from a program, they will no longer have access to any school or student information.

🚩 It's also important to note that removing a staff member will also delete direct messages sent between the staff member and admins, However, you can contact our Support Team if you need assistance recovering that information.

Remove Staff Members

On the Web

  1. Navigate to the Staff & Payroll page on the website

  2. Use the search bar, Room filter, or Role filter to narrow down the list and locate the staff member

  3. Once located, click the Actions dropdown menu on that staff member's row

  4. Click Delete

  5. Click Delete [STAFF NAME] to confirm the action

On the Mobile App

  1. From the Administrator Home screen, click on Staff

  2. Click the staff member's profile to delete

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Delete button

  4. Click Delete again in the pop-up screen to complete the action

💡 If a removed staff member is needed to be reactivated, this can be done by contacting the brightwheel support team or by inviting the staff again with the same email address connected to their staff account.

Remove Multi-Site Staff

For smoother management, we recommend removing staff from multiple locations via the multi-site dashboard. Since Multi-Site Admins can only be removed from the dashboard, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Workspace tile in the bottom left corner above your profile name tile

  2. In the pop-up, click Organization to open the multi-site dashboard

  3. Navigate to the Staff tab

  4. Optionally, search by staff name, or filter by location and role

  5. Select Actions > Edit role & Locations next to the desired staff name

  6. Click Remove next to the desired staff

  7. If removing a Multi-Site Admin, you must first change the staff role

    1. In the Role drop down, select Admin, or Staff

    2. Click Remove

    3. To remove a staff from their Default location, you must exit the dashboard and navigate to default location. Click the My School > Staff & Payroll tab to remove them there.

  8. To exit & save, click Close

ℹ️ To update a Multi-Site Admin to a new staff role with different permissions (E.g. Staff, Lead Staff, Manager, Admin), please visit our Manage Staff Access.

Export Employee Records

Once a staff member has been removed from brightwheel, their name will no longer appear in the drop-down menu when viewing Timecards and Payroll reports. These reports should be exported PRIOR to removing these staff members for quick access to these historical records at a later date. If a report needs to be run after an employee has already been removed, please see our payroll for removed staff resource.

Shared Login Information

We do not recommend having staff members use shared login information. Room Device Mode is a feature we recently built to avoid having staff members share logins.  

If staff members already share login information, please make sure that all passwords are changed when terminating a staff member. Please also contact the Support team to have a forced logout done on all devices. 

Temp or On-Call Staff Members

In cases where a staff member or teacher is not regularly working, such as a substitute or on-call teacher, administrators/managers can still create staff accounts for these employees. When this employee is called in, simply update their room assignment to reflect where they are working that day. When they are no longer needed in that room, remove all room assignments for that user. This allows check-in records to be logged for that employee but does not give them access to school records when they are not actively working.

Deactivate Staff Members

There are times when staff accounts need to be fully deactivated in brightwheel outside of being removed/deleted from a program. If the staff member no longer should have access to any school or student information, the staff member can be deleted by an administrator.

In the case that the staff member needs to begin work at a new center, or if the error message "User email address is already in use by a different organization" appears when adding a new staff member, deactivation may be necessary. Deactivations can only be initiated by the brightwheel Support Team.

ℹ️ If you need to request a account deactivation for yourself, or staff member, please contact the brightwheel Support Team.

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