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[For Admins] Learn how to set up a Multi-Site, switch between locations, view the Multi-Site Dashboard, and manage multi-staff permissions.

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Multi-site Administrators can utilize brightwheel’s multisite tool to efficiently add/remove staff and manage permissions across multiple schools or locations!

Staff can have access to multiple linked locations conveniently from one brightwheel account.

Set Up a Multi-Site Organization

Multi-site organizations simplify management by grouping multiple brightwheel accounts under one organization. This enables administrators to easily switch between locations without managing separate login credentials. Staff can be added to one or multiple locations as needed. It's crucial to highlight that grouping locations results in a single brightwheel Premium subscription payment instead of separate subscriptions for each location.

  1. Create a unique brightwheel school account for each location using a unique email address.
    💡 Many programs find it convenient to set up each location using the site director’s email address!

  2. Once each location has been created, reach out to brightwheel Support so we can help link the accounts together under one Organization. Make sure to provide the following information to our Support team:

    1. Each of the email addresses used to set up the accounts for each location

    2. Which administrator accounts should have multi-site access to all locations

Toggle Between Locations

Once your locations have been grouped together under one organization, multi-site administrators can select which location to view in their ​brightwheel app or on the web. They will be able to select any location they are added to.

Switch Locations on the Web

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web as a multi-site administrator

  2. Click on the Workspace tile in the bottom left corner
    💡 This option is located above your profile tile and the current location you're logged in to will be displayed on the tile

  3. Use the search bar or scroll through locations as needed

  4. Select another location to immediately be loaded into it

Switch Locations on the App

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the app as a multi-site administrator

  2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner

  3. Tap Location

  4. Select another location to immediately be loaded into it

Multi-Site Dashboard

The Multi-Site Dashboard is a tool Multi-Site Admins can leverage for the following tasks across multiple locations:

  • Update staff permissions & default location selection

  • Run pre-made & customized reports

  • Review locations across multiple states & tags

ℹ️ Users with the Organization Report role will only have access to reports from the dashboard.

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web as a Multi-Site Administrator, or with the Organization Reports role
    💡 If you are listed with the Organization Reports role at all locations, you will immediately be logged into the dashboard page

  2. Click on the Workspace tile in the bottom left corner above your profile name tile

  3. In the pop-up, click Organization

    1. To manage staff in the dashboard, follow Manage Staff Access steps below

    2. To run multi-site reports in the dashboard, review our Multi-Site Reporting resource

Manage Multi-Site Staff Access & Permissions

In order for staff, or admins to have access to all sites, they must be listed as a staff member at each location. Multi-site administrators can manage staff access to specific sites and easily update staff roles across multiple locations using brightwheel's multisite dashboard or by toggling between sites.

Simply log in as a multi-site administrator on the web and follow the steps provided to manage staff access from multiple sites.

  1. Click on the Workspace tile in the bottom left corner above your profile name tile

  2. In the pop-up, click Organization

  3. Navigate to the Staff tab

  4. Optionally, search by staff name, or filter by location and role

  5. Select Actions > Edit role & Locations next to the desired staff name
    💡 If you need to add a brand new staff profile to a location, toggle to the specific location & follow the steps add a brand new staff profile

  6. Choose from the following actions

    1. In the Role drop down, select the desired permissions

    2. Select the Default location

    3. Click Add/Remove next to sites they should have access to

  7. To exit & save, click Close

Multi-Site Reports

See our Multi-Site Reporting resource to learn more about reporting capabilities across multiple locations!

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How can I change the default school I see when logging in as a Multi-Site Administrator?

Please follow the steps outlined in Manage Staff Access above to update for your account, or other staff.

What is the easiest way to move a family from one location to a second location?

While there's no direct way to transfer student profiles from one location to another, we do have a few suggestions for getting this done!

  • If you have one or a few students who will be moving...

    • It'll be quickest to manually set up new profiles for the student using the +New Students button in your Students tab at the new location. Then, you can input profile information and contacts as needed, using the original profiles as a guide. Please note that you'll want to add the contacts to the new profile with exactly the contact information that's listed on the original profile, otherwise you may see an error message.

  • If you have 10 or more students who will be moving...

    • We'd suggest using a Roster Upload rather than adding them manually. To do this, you'll export a roster from the location where the original profiles were added (Students tab > white Export Roster button), and then delete rows as needed so that only the transferring students are included.

    • Once that spreadsheet is ready and includes the students who will be moving to another location, you can view that location's brightwheel account and use the Upload Roster button in your Students tab to send that file to our team. Our team will work to get those profiles uploaded for you within 2 business days, and we'll send you a confirmation email once the upload is complete.

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