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Manage your staff on the web or from the app anytime! Assign rooms and even grant staff members administrative access.

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If you are going through our Getting Started checklist, you'll also want to get your staff/teachers set up with accounts so they can take various actions, like logging activities! Program Administrators and Managers can add and invite staff to brightwheel.

Staff can then download the app to their personal device or log in from a school-designated device, depending on what's preferred. Check out some affordable devices we recommend for your program! If you'd like to offer your staff some initial training, share this helpful Teacher Training Overview.

Understanding Roles

There are multiple role options you will see available when adding or updating a staff member's permissions. Please review our Teacher/Staff Permissions Help Center resource for details on the different staff roles.

If you have staff members who are also student contacts, review our Using brightwheel as a Student Contact and Staff Member resource to learn more.

Add Staff on the Web

  1. Log in to your account on the web

  2. Click to open the Staff & Payroll page from the sidebar

  3. Click the purple Add Staff button

  4. Input the first and last name

  5. Input an email address if you would like the staff member to log in to brightwheel
    💡 Adding an email address will prompt you to send the invite email immediately or skip to wait until later. If you want to leverage Room Device Mode, adding an email will not be needed!

  6. Select the appropriate role
    🚩 A role is required. If you are a manager, you can only add a new staff member as a Manager, Lead Staff, or Staff. If the staff member should be an admin, connect with an existing admin at the program for assistance.

  7. If an email has been added, check the Invite staff to join brightwheel box to send an email invitation now or leave the box unchecked to send at a later time

  8. Click Add new staff

  9. Once created, find and click the new staff member's name to designate the assigned rooms

  10. [Optional]

    1. View an invite preview sent to staff by clicking Invite > Preview invite

    2. Bulk invite staff who haven't registered by clicking Invite > Invite unregistered staff

Add Staff on the App

ℹ️ Staff members can be added from the mobile app, but you will only have the option to set up their role as Staff or Lead Staff. If the staff member should be a Manager or Admin, add them on the web by following the steps above!

  1. From the Administrator Home, tap Staff

  2. Click Add in the top right corner

  3. Input the first and last name

  4. Input an email address if you would like the staff member to have their own account
    💡 Adding an email address will you prompt you to send the invite email immediately or wait. If you want to leverage Room Device Mode, adding an email will not be needed!

  5. Choose whether to toggle the Edit Student Information permissions setting on
    💡 If toggled on, this will create the staff member's role with the role of 'Lead Staff'. If this remains toggled off, the role will default to 'Staff'. If the staff member should be a Manager or Admin, add them from the web instead!

  6. Add optional Phone Numbers

  7. Designate the assigned Rooms using the room selector

  8. Tap Save

  9. If an email address has been added, click Invite Now to send and invitation or No, thanks to send one at a later time
    💡 You can view the Staff list on the web and click View invite to view a preview of the invitation!

Add Staff without Email

Staff can be added without an email address listed on their profile. Please note that Administrators and Managers are required to have an email address listed.

There will also be a Needs Email status next to their name on the Staff List to alert you of who does and doesn't have an email added to their account.

If you do this, the staff member will not be able to log in to brightwheel directly but they will be assigned a check-in code to check themselves in, and their name will be selectable when logging actions from a shared device set in Room Device Mode.This is a great option if you do not want staff to have their own accounts and want them to use a shared device locked into Room Device mode

Reminding & Tracking Staff Signups

If you have already added staff accounts but declined to send an invitation to set up their brightwheel account during the creation process, you can send the initial invitation, or a reminder anytime after as long as the staff member has an email address listed for their account. You can also track the status of your staff member's account registration.

Reminding & Tracking Signups on the Web

  1. Log in to your account on the web

  2. Click to open the Staff & Payroll page from the sidebar

  3. On the Staff tab, review the Status column to determine the current activation status
    💡 You may see the following statuses: Not Invited, Invited, Signed Up, or Needs Email

  4. Scroll down and locate the staff member you wish to invite

  5. Click the Actions dropdown menu

    1. If the initial invite was never sent, click Invite

    2. If the initial invite was sent and staff need a reminder, click Remind

  6. To bulk invite multiple unregistered staff at once, click Invite > Invite Unregistered Staff

Reminding Staff on the App

  1. From the Administrator Home, tap School Profile

  2. Select the Staff tile at the top of the dashboard

  3. Tap on the specific staff member needing to be reminded

  4. Tap the Remind to join brightwheel banner at the bottom of the page

Please Note: If you’ve resent an invitation, however, the staff member is still not receiving it; we suggest advising them to manually sign up and activate their account by using the same email address you use to create their account.

Manage Staff Profiles

Maintaining accurate employment information for each staff member is critical for any business. To access a staff member's profile, simply click on their name from the Staff List. The following information can be seen and updated within a staff member's profile:

  • Personal Info: This section holds all the basic information for the employee - including Name, Email Address, Phone, Date of Birth, Allergies, Medication, Doctor's name & number, Emergency contact information, and Notes.

  • Permissions: This area allows Administrators and Managers to update a staff member's role.

  • Address: Enter the staff member's mailing or physical address here.

  • Employee Personal Information: Add the staff member's Hire Date and any additional Notes.

  • Certifications: Log any Degrees, Certifications, and educational credits. See more on this here.

  • Personal Development Hours: The perfect place to log any trainings, courses, or any other educational accomplishments that the staff member has attended or earned internally or through a third party. Dive deeper by reviewing this article.

  • Attachments: This feature enables administrators to add attachments directly to an individual profile for download later and report on expiring documents that need to be renewed. See more on this here.

Staff who are also Student Contacts

If your staff member(s) are using brightwheel as a staff member and a parent, review our resource Using brightwheel as a Student Contact and Staff Member for more information on how their accounts should be set up. In order to facilitate different user roles, the user will be required to set up TWO brightwheel accounts.

When to Contact Support

  • A staff member has already created an account outside of the school with the email address you're using to try and set up their account

  • If you accidentally delete a staff member's profile and need it restored.

    • Please note: Payroll & Timecard records are still accessible for a removed staff member. Visit the Payroll for Removed Staff resource for steps to access.

Our Support team is happy to assist you; please contact us if you encounter these rare scenarios!

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