It is quite common across providers using brightwheel for parents or other student contacts to also operate as a teacher or staff member. In order to facilitate this, the user will be required to set up TWO brightwheel accounts. Each account offers a different level of access for a teacher compared to student contacts. Teachers and staff members have access to entire classrooms and students within those classrooms, but parents only have access to their own children.

Setting up a Staff & Student Contact Account

Brightwheel uses verified email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers to create brightwheel accounts. This means that the same email address or phone number cannot be used on more than one brightwheel account, regardless of user type.

Staff accounts do require an email address to be on file, but there are a few options to choose from when setting up staff members who are also student contacts:

  1. Set up the staff account with an email address and the guardian account with a phone number

  2. Use two different email addresses to set up the staff and guardian accounts

  3. If the user has a Gmail account, use the same email address for their staff/guardian account, but add a plus sign and any word before the @ symbol to create an alias for one of the accounts.

    1. For example, if their staff email address is, use to create their parent account. This will ensure that they have two separate emails to log into their two separate accounts, but all their brightwheel email correspondence will be routed to one email inbox ( If you would like to learn more about this Gmail trick, please see this article.

  4. If a staff member doesn't want to create a second brightwheel account, the user can choose to create only a staff/teacher account. They can periodically tap on their child's profile through their teacher account to check in on their child's day. The only difference would be that they wouldn't get any push notifications about their child's feed.

Change an Account Type

If the user has created an account incorrectly or needs assistance with a created account, please start a conversation with our Support team.

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