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Sign up for brightwheel as a Student Contact
Sign up for brightwheel as a Student Contact

[For guardians] Learn how to create a brightwheel account when invited by a provider to view the student’s profile.

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Schools and providers can add Contacts to each of their students.

  • A student contact can have one of four permission levels: Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, or Emergency Contact.

  • Except for emergency contacts, each individual contact can create their own brightwheel account with varying levels of access.

Programs have three ways to invite student contacts to join their program and create their own brightwheel account: Email, SMS Text Message, and manually with a 10-digit code (Parent contact types only). When a student contact is invited to join brightwheel, it’s essential that the same email or phone number was used to create the account.

Sign-Up via Email or SMS Invite

The most common way to be invited to join a center on brightwheel is via email or text message. Once the center has invited a student contact, they will receive an email or text (depending on which contact method is added) with the subject: [Action Required] [School Name] has invited you to their brightwheel community. The easiest way to complete the sign-up process is to click the "Connect to STUDENT NAME" button directly from the message, simply enter a password, and click Create Account.

If the message cannot be located, a new account can be created manually. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the brightwheel signup page

  2. Click the Parent option

  3. Complete the signup form and click Get Started

  4. Click Create your Account

  5. A verification code will be delivered to the contact used, with the subject line: brightwheel verification code: XXXXXX

  6. Enter the confirmation code and click Confirm

Sign-up via 10-digit Code

Brightwheel allows student contacts to manually add students to their accounts using a unique 10-digit code. The contact can locate this code in their email, paper invitation (if applicable), or by contacting the provider. The center can locate the code from the student’s profile in brightwheel. To add the student, navigate to the My Children portion of brightwheel and tap Add a Child.

Errors and Troubleshooting

It is possible for student contacts to run into trouble signing up due to administrative mistakes. The issues below are the most common and quite simple to fix.

I no longer have access to the email/phone number on my account?

If a student contact can no longer access the email or phone number on the account they have a few options to gain access back to the account. If they have an email and phone number connected to the account and have lost access to either one, they can use the other to log in as their username to then update the email/phone number they no longer have access to. If there is only an email or only a phone number connected to the account, then they need to reach out to so we can help them gain access to their account.

I receive an error message when I try to create my account?

If the student contact encounters an error message while signing up, it may indicate they already have an account. In this case, they should try signing in with their email/phone and password. Resetting the password is another option to try.

I cannot see messages or billing in my account?

This indicates that the student contact was added as a Family contact type rather than a Parent contact. To correct this, reach out to the center’s administrator. The administrator must edit/update the current contact record to the new contact type.

I'm not seeing all my children?

If the student contact can see one of their children but not all of them, the contact may have duplicate accounts with different login information. This can happen if the center has added them more than once with mismatched information or the contact mistakenly created duplicate accounts, one with their email address and one with their phone number.

The center’s administrator can click +add a new contact under the contact section on the student profiles that the contact cannot see and add the contact record as a New contact for that student with the contact method that the parent's correct account is under (email/phone).

Please Note: If contacts can see one child at a program but not another, they will need to be added as an Existing contact to the child they cannot see.

I see duplicate or inactive student profiles on my account?

An administrator can fix this by removing the contact record from this extra profile:

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web

  2. Click Students under My School

  3. Clear the default Enrollment Status filters by clicking the "x" next to 'Active' and 'None'

  4. Click the teal Apply button to show all results regardless of Status

  5. To further filter the roster, type the student's First or Last name to find and select the profile in the Student Name field

  6. Select the duplicate/inactive Profile

  7. Scroll down to Contacts and click Edit > Remove so the contact is no longer associated with that extra profile

I created a brightwheel account but cannot see my child?

This means the information used to create the account did not match the information added to the student’s profile or that the contact simply has not been added to the student’s profile in brightwheel. Users should reach out to the child's program and request their email or phone be added to the student’s account or provide the student’s specific 10-digit invitation code.

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