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Contact Types: Parents, Family, Approved Pickups, and Emergency Contacts
Contact Types: Parents, Family, Approved Pickups, and Emergency Contacts

[For Admins, Managers, and Lead Staff] Learn how to best set up contact lists for your students based on the roles and varying permissions

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Admins, Managers, and Lead Staff can choose between four contact types when adding student contacts: Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, and Emergency Contact.

Each contact type has varying permissions and privileges, as outlined below!

Contacts and Access

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Student Contacts as Payers

It's important to note that if when a Parent is added, and the program uses billing, this student contact will automatically be added as a payer. Learn more about Primary Payers and what this means. Parents can also be removed as payers.

In addition, Family and Approved Pickups can be added as payers on a student's account as well.

Parents can Edit Student Info Setting

This setting is important to call out due to how it affects Parent contacts. Programs can manage the "Parents can Edit Student Info" setting and determine whether these contacts should have edit permissions or not. This setting is school-wide and cannot be managed at an individual user level. It's can be valuable to have this setting toggled on if you prefer to assign the responsibility of adding additional student contacts and managing the student's profile information to the primary guardian. If this is not desired, this setting can be toggled off, so they only have view access.

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