Update Student Contact Login Credentials

[For Guardians] Learn how to update the email address and/or phone number associated with a student contacts account.

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Student contacts (Parents, Family, and Approved Pickups) can log in using an email or phone number along with their password. Regardless of which method is preferred, the email address or phone number must be authenticated to log in to the user's account.

Continue reading to learn more about updating a student contact's email address, phone number, or account password.

Change Email Address

It is vital to maintain updated login credentials for the security of your account and to be able to communicate with your childcare provider.

Each student contact can use an email address and/or mobile number to log into brightwheel. It’s important to know that if both an email address and phone number are added, then brightwheel will always default to the email address when sending important communication such as billing-related emails or password resets.

ℹ️ If the email address being entered is already associated with a brightwheel account, an error will occur. Please reach out to support at help@mybrightwheel.com for further assistance in this scenario.

On the Web

On the App

  1. Tap your name in the bottom left corner

  2. Select Profile

  3. In the 'Account Info' box, click Edit

  4. Input the preferred email address

  5. Click Save

  1. Tap the ≡ in the upper left corner

  2. Optionally, if you have multiple accounts, tap Switch Accounts and select the desired account to update

  3. Tap Edit Profile

  4. In the Account Info section, input the preferred email address

  5. Tap Save to confirm the changes

🚩 Please be aware that anytime a parent's email address is modified on their account, brightwheel will send the parent an auto-generated email overviewing the change that was made. This is a security measure set in place to provide immediate visibility of the change and in the event that the parent did not perform the change, we strongly encourage contacting Support at help@mybrightwheel.com so we can investigate and assist.

Change Mobile Phone Number

Student contacts added as a Parent, Family, or Approved Pickup can use a mobile phone number to create an account instead of an email address. All mobile numbers being used to log into an account need to be verified to ensure security.

Follow the steps below to add or update a mobile phone number from the mobile app:

  1. Tap the three lines in the upper left-hand corner

  2. Optionally, if you have multiple accounts tap Switch Accounts and select the desired account to update

  3. Tap Edit Profile

  4. Tap on the Mobile Phone field

  5. Enter the new phone number and tap Send Code

  6. Within a few moments, a 6-digit verification code should be delivered via SMS text message

  7. Enter that code on the Verify Phone Number screen

  8. Tap Done

ℹ️ Once a phone number has been verified, it can only be changed or updated; it cannot be deleted. Please contact us at help@mybrightwheel.com if you need to have a phone number removed.

Manage Password

Brightwheel account holders can reset or update passwords at any time. Keep in mind that only the account holder will have access to change their password - administrators aren’t able to view or change passwords for staff or parent accounts.

View our Manage brightwheel Account Password resource for applicable steps and information regarding password security.

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