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How to create a Staff/Teacher Account

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Creating an account with brightwheel as a staff member allows the ability to clock in a timecard, check in students, log activities, and message parents.

If you are using brightwheel as a staff member and a parent, review our resource here for more information on how the accounts should be set up.

Activate new account

When a user is sent a direct invitation to join brightwheel, they will receive an email that contains the same guidance that is outlined below! If a user does not receive an email invitation, that is okay too. Just follow the steps below to activate:

  1. Confirm what email address the program used to invite you as a staff member

  2. Download the brightwheel app to your mobile device, or use the web app here

  3. Choose the Don't have an account? option on the sign-in page

  4. On the "Which best describes you?" popup, select Staff or Teacher

  5. Input your name, the email address your program used to invite you, and set up a password for your account

  6. On the "Which would you like to do?" popup, select Join a School

  7. Input the 6-digit verification code sent to your email inbox into the 'Verification Code' box

  8. Click Confirm

  9. Once you are logged in, you will see any classrooms you are assigned to, and their student rosters

For more information on how to use brightwheel as a teacher, check out our Teacher Training video here!  


I'm not receiving my 6-digit verification code in my email inbox. What's wrong?

  • Check your spam folder for any messages with a subject of 'brightwheel verification code" with the sender being

  • Check that the email address you're using to activate your account is the same inbox you're checking for the message in

  • Search your entire inbox for the subject and sender outlined above (especially if you're using filters!)

I’m getting an error message using my 6-digit verification code. What’s wrong?

We know this can be frustrating and there are a few different scenarios that could be causing you to receive an error message. Review the error message provided after inputting your code to determine what the suggested resolution steps are.

If you have tried all available options to complete your account activation, but are still having trouble, please Contact Support for assistance.

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