Creating an account with brightwheel as a staff member allows you to check-in yourself and students, log activities, and message parents.

** NOTE:  You do not need the email invitation in order to create your account.  You simply need to know what email address your school used to invite you. **

Here's how to activate your brightwheel account:

  1.  Confirm the email address that your school used to invite you

2.  Download the brightwheel app to your mobile device, or use the web app here

3.  Choose Create Account > Staff or Teacher > Join School

4.  Type in the SAME email address your administrator used to invite you, and create a password.  

5.  Once you are logged in, you will see any classrooms you are assigned to, and their student rosters

For more information on how to use brightwheel as a teacher, checkout our Teacher Training video here!  

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