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Log in to brightwheel

[For all users] Learn how to access brightwheel on the web or in the app

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Logging in is the first step in accessing the brightwheel features available to administrators, staff, and student contacts.

If you don't have an account yet but are a staff member of a program, please see Staff or Teacher Sign-up. If you are a student contact, please see Student Contact Sign-up.

Log In

🚩 Two-factor authentication (2FA) at sign-in is active for all brightwheel accounts (administrators, student contacts, and staff). We invest heavily in the security and reliability of the brightwheel platform and are excited to be the first partner in the early education industry to add this extra layer of security to protect your information.

  1. Go to the brightwheel sign-in page in your web browser or open the app on your device

  2. Input your username

  3. Input your password
    ℹ️ Review our Manage Password resource if needed

  4. Click Sign in

  5. Locate the 6-digit two-factor (2FA) authentication code sent to the email address or phone number you're logging in with

  6. Input the 6-digit code into the 'Enter code' box

  7. Click Sign in again

    • If successful, you will be loaded into your account

    • If unsuccessful, a popup message will display stating the failure reason and how you can resolve the issue to get logged in. More details on resolving code failures are outlined in our Troubleshooting brightwheel Access resource.

💡 If you are both a staff member and student contact using brightwheel on the mobile app, review our resource how to log into and switch between your accounts.

Log Out

  1. Go to the brightwheel sign-in page in your web browser or open the app on your device

  2. If on the web, click your profile tile in the bottom-left corner and click Sign Out

  3. If on the app, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner

  4. Tap Edit Profile

  5. Tap Logout

💡 If you are both a staff member and student contact using brightwheel on the mobile app, learn how to logout of the current or all accounts here.

Account Switching

As mentioned above Guardians, or student contacts who also use brightwheel as staff can easily switch between multiple accounts on the mobile app without needing to completely log in and out of separate accounts. This saves time and helps users seamlessly toggle between different roles within brightwheel.

Review our Using brightwheel as a Student Contact and a Staff Member if this situation applies to you.

ℹ️ Guardians, or student contacts can be connected to student profiles from multiple programs at once and do not need separate accounts for each program. If you are only a student contact and have duplicate accounts, please visit our Delete or Deactivate an Account Help Center resource for steps on how to deactivate one account.


I’m getting an error message using my 6-digit code. What’s wrong?

We know this can be frustrating and there are a few different scenarios that could be causing you to receive an error message. Please see the Troubleshooting brightwheel Access resource for more information on the specific error you're encountering and how to best resolve it.

I'm not receiving my 6-digit 2FA code in my email inbox. What's wrong?

  • Check your spam folder for any messages with a subject of 'brightwheel verification code" with the sender being

  • Check that the email address you're using as your username to log in is the same inbox you're checking for the message in

  • Search your inbox for the subject and sender outlined above (especially if you're using filters!)

  • If you previously unsubscribed from brightwheel emails, please contact Support for assistance with re-subscribing.

I’m not receiving my 6-digit code as a text to my phone. What’s wrong?

  • Make sure the phone number you’re using to log in to your account is the same number you’re awaiting the text message at!

  • If you've unsubscribed from brightwheel SMS messages, text START to 844-335-4655 to resubscribe and try resending the code

    • If you're unsure if you've unsubscribed, give this a shot to rule out if this is the issue!

  • Ensure that you are in an area with strong reception. If your reception is strong, but the message is not coming through, try restarting your device.

If you have tried all available options to get logged in, but are still having trouble, please Contact Support for assistance.

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