Teachers can use the Kiosk to check-in and out of any room they are assigned.  To do this, enter Kiosk mode by tapping Check-in Kiosk from the Administrator Home screen. Enter an administrator's Check-in code and the app will enter Kiosk mode.

The Check-in Kiosk will display a QR code for parents and staff to use to check-in on their own devices if you have Quick-Scan enabled, there will also be a space to enter another check-in code.  

To use Quick Scan as a staff member, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and tap the Check in/out button at the top of the list. This will open the QR scanner through the brightwheel app.

If you do not have Quick-Scan enabled, you will just see space for a check-in code. This check-in code can belong to either a parent or staff member. When a Staff member enters their check-in code on this screen, a list of Rooms they are assigned to will appear.  If they are already checked into a room, they will first be asked to check out of that room, before proceeding.  

The video below demonstrates student and staff check-in. (Jump to min 1:16 for staff check-in).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do Staff Check-in & Ratios work?

From the Administrator Home screen, you can enable the ability for staff to check-in and out just like the children. Once you start having teachers check-in and out, you can check the Room Check screen for accurate ratios.

How do I set up Staff Check-In?

Right now, only staff with administrator privileges can see the Administrator Home where you will find Staff Check-In. Staff members can select their name from the admin's device and input a check-in code. This will be noted on their timecard.

Pro Tip: Set a device up at the front desk and lock the screen by tapping the lock icon in the upper right corner. As staff arrive and leave school they can check-in and out at the front desk. 

Where can staff find/edit their check-in codes?

For staff check-in, we require a check-in code. You and your teachers can go to your Profile settings and set the check-in code for your own account.

Can staff check in on their own devices?

You can limit your staff's access to check-in by visiting your check-in settings in the app. From there, it's your choice! You can set it up so they can check in using their own device, or you can limit it to only the school's shared device.

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