Staff can use Kiosk or Attendance Mode to check in and out of any room they are assigned to, depending on the program's settings. Programs can limit staff's ability to check in from any device and require they check in using a device set in Kiosk mode in the Check-in Settings.

It is the program's choice how the settings should be configured and what steps staff should take based on program needs and licensing requirements!

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Using Attendance Mode

Staff can use Attendance mode from within their account on the app to check themselves in, out, and move rooms throughout the day.

  1. Log in to the staff brightwheel account on the app

  2. Select the appropriate Room from the drop-down menu at the top

  3. Click the Attendance option at the bottom of the page

  4. Click to jump over to the Staff tab

  5. Select the appropriate staff member's name to check in/out
    Please Note: If a staff member is checked in, there will be a teal bubble around the name and a banner stating "Checked in". If the staff member is checked out, their name bubble will simply be greyed out.

If the ‘Staff check-in from any device’ setting is toggled off by a program administrator, these steps will not be possible. When toggled off, the Staff tab visible in the image above will not be there. In this case, staff would need to follow the appropriate steps below to check-in via the Kiosk using Quick Scan or simply using the check-in code if Quick Scan is not something the program is utilizing.

Using Kiosk Mode

As an administrator, you can open the Kiosk on your device by tapping Check-in Kiosk on the Administrator Home screen and then lock your device in Kiosk Mode for staff (and parents) to use following the steps below!

🎥 Jump to 1:16 in the video above for staff check-in

  1. Scan the program’s QR code via Quick Scan or enter the staff check-in code

    1. If Quick Scan is not being utilized, there will only be an option to enter the check-in code

    2. If Quick Scan is being utilized, follow the steps below to open the QR scanner before continuing

  2. Enter the staff check-in code

  3. Select the Room to check in to

  4. If applicable, complete any Health Screen and Submit

  5. Repeat these steps to check out and move rooms!

How to Open the QR Scanner

  1. Log in to the staff brightwheel account on the app

  2. Tap the menu in the top left corner

  3. Tap the Check in/out button at the top of the menu

  4. Use the QR scanner that's opened to scan the program's QR code and continue checking in

Auto Check Out Staff

This Payroll Setting is a valuable option for programs that are wanting to ensure staff does not run into any errors when attempting to check in for the day. If a staff member has left themselves checked in without checking out, they will receive an error stating “This timecard cannot be updated. The staff member already has a timecard within this time period” the next time they try to check in.

This can easily be avoided if an administrator toggles the Auto Check Out Staff setting ON. Once enabled, this will auto-checkout all staff members still checked in for a day at midnight. Administrators may still be required to edit a timecard entry to the correct check-out time, but this at least avoids anyone having to scramble in the moment!

Please Note: If this setting is not something a program is interested in utilizing, these scenarios can still be remedied by following the process in the last FAQ listed below.

Admin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I set up Staff Check-In?

You can update the Check-in Settings to allow staff to check in/out on their personal devices or a device set to Kiosk mode. From there, we recommend determining how you'd like your staff to check in/out each day by selecting the appropriate process above and communicating those expectations.

How do Staff Check-in & Ratios work?

Once you start having teachers check-in and out, you can check the Room Check screen for accurate ratios!

Where can staff find/edit their check-in codes?

You and your teachers can go to your Profile settings and set the check-in code for your own account.

What do I do if my staff gets a “This timecard cannot be updated. The staff member already has a timecard within this time period” error but I do not want to use the 'Auto Check out Staff' setting?

That error is happening because the staff member has open or overlapping timecards.

You can follow the steps here from your administrator account on the web to Edit/Delete a Timecard.

Quick Tips to locate errors on the Timecards page on the web:

  • Is there a Time In stamp but no Time Out stamp on a previous date?

  • Does the Total column have an unexpectedly high number of hours?

    • Does the Time Out column have a date listed that's different from the check-in date or much later than expected on the same day?

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