Teachers can use the Kiosk to check-in and out of any room they are assigned.  To do this, enter Kiosk mode by tapping Check-in Kiosk from the Administrator Home screen. Enter an administrator's Check-in code and the app will enter Kiosk mode.

The Check-in Kiosk will display a QR code for parents and staff to use to check-in on their own devices if you have Quick-Scan enabled, there will also be a space to enter another check-in code.  

To use Quick Scan as a staff member, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and tap the Check in/out button at the top of the list. This will open the QR scanner through the brightwheel app.

If you do not have Quick-Scan enabled, you will just see space for a check-in code. This check-in code can belong to either a parent or staff member. When a Staff member enters their check-in code on this screen, a list of Rooms they are assigned to will appear.  If they are already checked into a room, they will first be asked to check out of that room, before proceeding.  

The video below demonstrates student and staff check-in. (Jump to min 1:16 for staff check-in).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do Staff Check-in & Ratios work?

From the Administrator Home screen, you can enable the ability for staff to check-in and out just like the children. Once you start having teachers check-in and out, you can check the Room Check screen for accurate ratios.

How do I set up Staff Check-In?

Right now, only staff with administrator privileges can see the Administrator Home where you will find Staff Check-In. Staff members can select their name from the admin's device and input a check-in code. This will be noted on their timecard.

Pro Tip: Set a device up at the front desk and lock the screen by tapping the lock icon in the upper right corner. As staff arrive and leave school they can check-in and out at the front desk. 

Where can staff find/edit their check-in codes?

For staff check-in, we require a check-in code. You and your teachers can go to your Profile settings and set the check-in code for your own account.

Can staff check in on their own devices?

You can limit your staff's access to check-in by visiting your check-in settings in the app. From there, it's your choice! You can set it up so they can check-in using their own device, or you can limit it to only the school's shared device:

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