Teacher to Parent Messaging
Streamline your parent communication by sending in app messages or alerts via SMS text messages to individual parents or to an entire room.
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Parent communication is essential and one of the core features of brightwheel. Our premium messaging feature is easy to use and wonderfully efficient at keeping in touch with parents throughout the day. Creating a new message is simple and can be done on the web from the messaging portal or from any room in the mobile app. All messages sent from the school will alert all parent contacts associated with the student's profile.

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In-app Messaging

Creating a new message from the mobile app is fast and easy. Any teacher or staff member can draft and send messages to parents of any student(s) assigned to their rooms. Each new message can be assigned a message type to improve communication and readability. To send a message from the app:

  1. Click the Message icon (bottom left on iOS, top tab on Android) 

  2. Tap the Speech Bubble icon in the upper right to start a new message, or tap on any student's conversation thread to reply

  3. Choose any student(s) from the list

  4. Select your desired message type

  5. Type the message and Send 

Parents will receive the message in their inbox on the App. They will need the mobile app to access these messages.

Web Messaging

 The Messaging feature on the web allows teachers and staff to send messages to specific students from within any room that they are assigned. Once a message has been sent to a student, they will appear in the conversation table, simply click on any of these to reply to an ongoing conversation. To send a new message: 

  1. Click on the speech bubble in the top right-hand corner

  2. Then click +New Message

  3. Choose the desired room from the drop down 

  4. Select the student(s) the message is for and click Next

  5. Pick the message type you would like to send from the drop-down

  6. Compose your message in the text box and click Send Message

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