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[For Admins] Learn how to Empower multiple staff members to use the same device to record activities & send messages using Room Device Mode

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Brightwheel's Room Device Mode is an excellent option for schools that do not have devices for each staff member and do not want them to use their personal devices.


Benefits of Room Device Mode

  • Allow admins to lock the device by room, allowing multiple staff members to use the same device.

  • Teachers assigned to a specific classroom will be able to check kids in and post activities without having to log into their own accounts.

  • When sending a message to parents, you can select the specific teacher sending the message in Room Device Mode.

Access/Exit Room Device Mode (RDM)

Access Room Device Mode

Exit Room Device Mode

Room Device Mode can be accessed by a staff member with the role of Admin or Manager.

  1. Open the app to view the Administrator Homepage

  2. Tap on Room Device Mode

  3. Select the room

  4. Click Yes in the confirmation popup

Now each staff member can use brightwheel on the device as normal!

  1. Tap the ≡ menu in the upper left-hand corner

  2. Tap Exit Room Mode

  3. Click Yes in the confirmation popup to be logged out

ℹ️ When logging activities or sending messages in Room Device Mode, staff can choose who is logging the activity by tapping the profile picture in the upper right-hand corner.

Messaging in Room Device Mode

When using the Messaging feature in Room Device Mode, the staff member can select who the message comes from so parents are informed.

When creating a new message thread in RDM, staff can change who is sending the message by clicking the profile icon in the top-right corner as seen below.

When messaging on an existing thread, staff can change who is sending the message by clicking the name displayed on the 'Sending Message as: NAME' row and selecting the appropriate person, as seen below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch rooms when I'm in Room Device Mode? 

Once you're in Room Device Mode, the only way to switch rooms is to sign out of the app entirely. 

My staff aren’t receiving push notifications on their tablets while in Room Device Mode; why is that?

In order for staff to receive those notifications, you’ll want to ensure that the Admin who put the device in Room Device Mode has brightwheel push notifications turned on within the app. The Admin will want to exit Room Device Mode and log back into their account on the device. The Admin can adjust their push notifications in their profile on the app as needed. Then, the Admin will want to enter Room Device Mode again. Once the push notifications have been turned on in the Admin’s account on that device, notifications will be restored while using Room Device Mode!

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