Brightwheel will send a push notification informing a student contact that there is an update regarding a student they are associated with for them to view. Push notifications are configurable from both, the mobile device settings and from within the brightwheel app for more granular notification options.

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Types of Notifications

Student contacts with Parent and Family permissions can receive push notifications for the following updates about their student:

  • Messages - These are messages from other student contacts or teachers and staff members in the student’s thread

  • Actions - Any activity or action that the provider has logged throughout the day, these are further configurable from within the app

  • Product Updates - Messages from brightwheel regarding important product updates, these notifications are very rare.

  • Customer Support Replies - Notifications when brightwheel’s customer support team replies to an inquiry.

  • New Customer Support Chat - Notification when brightwheel’s customer support team reaches out directly.

From within the app, brightwheel provides additional options where student contacts can further configure their notification settings. Keep in mind that each childcare provider utilizes brightwheel in their own way, some of these actions may not be logged for students at the center.

  1. Photos & Videos - Any media activities

  2. Notes - General activity for providers to log activities that do not fall into the other categories

  3. Check-ins - Any check-in/out record logged by any student contact

  4. Messages - All messages received from any other student contact or staff member

  5. Incidents, Meds & Health Checks - Any Incidents that have been logged, medication administered, or health checks that are done throughout the day

  6. Food, Nap & Potty - All logged meals, start and end times for naps, and potty logs

  7. Learning & Kudos - Learning observations and appreciation activities

Please Note: It is highly recommended that the Messages notifications remain enabled to ensure good communication between the provider and student contacts.

Device Notification Settings

Android and iOS devices allow users to limit general notifications from specific applications. While the application provides more granular options. To adjust notification settings from the device itself (these steps may vary by device):

  1. Open your device Settings

  2. Tap on Apps & Notifications

  3. Pick brightwheel from your list of applications and tap on Notifications

  4. Allow push notifications by toggling with switch on

App Notification Settings

Brightwheel enables student contacts to configure which actives result in a push notification. This allows them to stay engaged while limiting the number of notifications received throughout the day.

  1. Open the app and tap on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner

  2. Tap Settings and choose Notifications

  3. Toggle on/off push notifications for each update type that you prefer or for all notifications

  4. Tap Save

Please Note: Push notifications default to on when an account is created.

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