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Staff Certifications & Professional Development Hours
Staff Certifications & Professional Development Hours

Keep track of your staff's certifications, continuing education, and training right from the Staff Profile.

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Staff Profiles in brightwheel allow school administrators and managers to keep track of all the important information regarding their staff and employment records. Two critical sections of the staff profile are Certifications and Professional Development Hours. This feature is only available to those with administrator or manager privileges.

Table of Contents 

Staff Certifications

The certifications section of the staff profile provides administrators and managers a centralized location to keep track of a staff member's official education. The following information can be logged in here:

  • Degree: Choose from GED/High School Diploma, Associate, Bachelor's, Master's degree, Ph.D/EdD/other doctorate degrees, and Other. 

  • Certification: Type in any certification(s) the staff member may hold.

  • Early Childhood Education Credits: Manually add any ECE credit hours that this staff member has earned (numeral only field).

  • Infant Toddler Credits: Manually add earned infant toddler credit hours here (numeral only field). 

  • Notes: Type any additional information regarding the staff member's formal education.

Update Staff Certifications

  1. Navigate to the Staff page online

  2. Click on the desired staff member's name to click Actions > View/Edit

  3. Hit Edit on the Certifications section

  4. Add/update the information as desired and click Save

Professional Development Hours

The professional development hours section of the staff profile is the perfect place to log any trainings, courses, or any other educational accomplishments that the staff member has attended (whether earned internally or through a third party). 

Add a New Training

  1. Navigate to the Staff section of the web

  2. Locate the staff you are logging a training for and click on their name or Actions > View/Edit 

  3. Click the + Add a training link

  4. Select the Training Type from the dropdown or type a custom name to add it to the drop down for future use by clicking the + Click here to create "..."

  5. Complete the prompts and click Save

Please Note: The type of training and the training name do not have to match, this is up to you.

Attaching Certification and Training Records

Administrators may want to keep a copy of the certificate of competition or certification that they have logged in either of these sections of the staff profile. The Attachments section is a great place to store these in a centralized location. 

In addition to having these files conveniently stored in the staff profile, administrators can add an expiration date for these certifications so that they can report on when a specific training or certification needs to be updated. This is particularly helpful with things like CPR and First Aid certifications. 

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