The brightwheel team strives to create an easy, seamless experience for teachers on our mobile and web apps. While we've prepared training resources below, many features are intuitive and require little to no formal training.

Full Training Videos (choose 1 of 2)

Choose the appropriate video below based on whether you use personal or shared classroom devices. We recommend all teachers start by watching one of these two videos.

  • Personal Devices (11 min) - for teachers who use an individual device

  • Room/Shared Devices (10 min) - for teachers who share a classroom tablet/device; also for teachers without a brightwheel login

Short Training Videos

Reference these videos as need to get a more in-depth introduction into our most commonly used features.

  1. Account Sign-up (2 min) - details on creating your account once you've been invited by an administrator (not needed for shared Room devices)

  2. Parent/Guardian Messaging (2 min) - messaging with parents & primary guardians of children in your assigned classroom

  3. Teacher/Staff Messaging (3 min) - messaging with administrators & other teachers in your assigned classroom

  4. Mobile App Basics (3 min) - quick walkthrough of the mobile app for phones/tablets

  5. Web App Basics (3 min) - quick walkthrough of the web / desktop app for your web browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox)

  6. Logging Activities (2 min) - equivalent of daily sheets; 12 different activities are available including photo/video, meals, naps, potty, and temperature checks

  7. Attendance (1 min) - for checking in and out children in your classroom

  8. Check-in Kiosk (3 min) - parent sign-in and out of children using a 4-digit pin, digital signature, and/or a QR code

  9. Learning Observations (2 min) - milestones associated with early learning standards

Additional Resources

  • Tips & Tricks: best practices we recommend for teachers as they use brightwheel

  • FAQs: answers to common questions we hear from teachers

Still have questions? Reach out to and we'd love to help!

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