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Teacher Training Overview

Training courses, videos, and additional tips for teachers to learn how to connect with families and save time using brightwheel!

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At brightwheel, we're all about making your teaching experience easy, streamlined, and enjoyable when using our mobile and web apps. Our features are designed to be intuitive, requiring no formal training. However, we've gone the extra mile to curate a treasure trove of getting-started courses and handy tips that are linked below as you embark on this exciting journey!

Getting Started Courses (choose 1 of 2)

We recommend all teachers start by completing one of these two courses to get a full overview and practice using brightwheel!

Choose the appropriate course below based on whether you will access brightwheel on your own personal device or using a shared program device set in Room Device Mode.

After opening the course link above, click Get Started.

This will bring you to a registration page where should fill out the applicable details to create a brightwheel Academy account. If you are using a personal device, please use the same email address to register for the academy that you use to log in to brightwheel. Once you're registered, you will automatically be loaded into the correct course to get started!

After completing this course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion that can be shared digitally, printed, or even shared to your network on LinkedIn. Check with an admin at your program on any procedures for sharing certificates.

To learn more about registering for and managing your brightwheel Academy login, view our Brightwheel Academy Overview resource.

If preferred, review the training videos below for an overview of the same content!

Training Videos

Full Training Videos

  • Personal Devices (11 min) - for teachers who use a personal device to access brightwheel

  • Room/Shared Devices (10 min) - for teachers who share a classroom tablet/device; also for teachers without a brightwheel login

Short Training Videos

  • Account Sign-up (2 min) - details on creating your account once you've been invited by an administrator (not needed for shared Room devices)

  • Parent/Guardian Messaging (2 min) - messaging with parents & primary guardians of children in your assigned classroom

  • Teacher/Staff Messaging (3 min) - messaging with administrators & other teachers in your assigned classroom

  • Mobile App Basics (3 min) - quick walkthrough of the mobile app for phones/tablets

  • Web App Basics (3 min) - quick walkthrough of the web/desktop app for your web browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox)

  • Logging Activities (2 min) - equivalent of daily sheets; 12 different activities are available including photo/video, meals, naps, potty, and temperature checks

  • Attendance (1 min) - for checking in and out children in your classroom

  • Check-in Kiosk (3 min) - parent sign-in and out of children using a 4-digit pin, digital signature, and/or a QR code

  • Learning Observations (2 min) - milestones associated with early learning standards

Additional Resources

  • Tips & Tricks: best practices we recommend for teachers as they use brightwheel

  • FAQs: answers to common questions we hear from teachers

Still have questions? Reach out to!

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