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[For Admins] Find out more about what the Premium plan has to offer, including pricing, features, and how to upgrade.

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brightwheel Premium is the only all-in-one solution that covers check-in, daily reporting, class management, staffing, bill pay, assessments, and much more. It also gives providers and families access to our top-notch Customer Support team.

What does brightwheel Premium include?

What's included



Premium Features

Staff management, unlimited student and roster uploads, messaging, assessments, videos, lower processing fees for online billing, CACFP menu planning, and much more. There are also many new features added regularly!

Detailed breakdown of Free vs. Premium features!

Premium Support

Access to our incredible Support team

Sign up for brightwheel Premium

To sign up for brightwheel Premium, all you'll need is some basic information about your program and your payment method.

  1. Set up a brightwheel account through our sign-up page
    💡 ​Already have an account? Sign in here.

  2. Click to expand My School on the side menu

  3. Select Settings

  4. Jump to the Upgrade tab

  5. Click Upgrade now

  6. Input the Payment Method and Billing Address

  7. When ready, click Enroll & Pay

ℹ️ Once you've signed up and entered your payment method, you'll have immediate access to brightwheel Premium and your subscription will be automatically charged through autopay each month.

brightwheel Premium Pricing FAQs

How much does brightwheel Premium cost?

brightwheel Premium is a monthly or yearly subscription based on your program's enrollment capacity. To get a quote, simply create an account on and visit the Settings page (as mentioned above) to see your price.

When will I be charged for brightwheel Premium?

You will be charged the set price amount at the end of your free trial period (not necessarily the same day that you enroll in premium) and then on that same day thereafter each month or year, depending on the subscription term you choose.

ℹ️ Annual subscription payments paid upfront are non-refundable.

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