Assign Staff to Rooms

[For Admins + Managers] Learn how to assign staff & teachers to specific rooms to track hours, rations, and limit visibility to other rooms.

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Admins/Managers may only want staff (Staff and Lead Staff roles) to have permission to interact with certain rooms and this is totally possible using brightwheel on the mobile and web. Learn more about assigning staff to rooms below.

ℹ️ Need to create more Rooms? Learn how.

On the Web

  1. On the web, navigate to the Staff & Payroll page which will open the Staff tab, by default

  2. Find the desired staff member in your account and click on the staff member's name or Actions > View/Edit

  3. Locate the 'Brightwheel role & status' tile and click Edit in the upper right corner

  4. Add/remove the applicable rooms in the Assigned Rooms field

  5. Click Save

In the Mobile App

  1. Open the mobile app to the Administrator Home screen, click to open the Staff page

  2. Tap on the applicable staff member

  3. Scroll down in their profile to the Rooms section

  4. Click the Assigned Rooms option

  5. Select/Deselect the applicable rooms

  6. Click the < to go back to the staff member's profile when done

  7. Click Save in the top right corner

ℹ️ Administrators and Managers are automatically assigned to all rooms by default due to their highest permissions. These assignments are non-editable and are greyed out.

💡 For Billing Only staff, please visit our Staff Permissions Overview for details on when we recommend room assignments.

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