The Administrator Home screen is the default home screen and one-stop dashboard for all things brightwheel. All administrator specific features built for the mobile app are right at your fingertips empowering administrators to better manage their program and improve visibility through features like reminders and ratios.

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The Rooms card in the administrator dashboard gives the administrator access to all rooms in their program. Once  you tap Rooms on the Administrator Home screen you will have access to your Rooms just like any teacher or staff at your program. Use the drop down to navigate to other rooms. To see more information on managing rooms in brightwheel, check out this collection of articles


For teachers and staff on the mobile app, messaging is done from specific rooms and parents will message the school by navigating to the student's profile to reply and send messages to the school. With the Administrator Dashboard, staff with admin privileges can quickly vies all of the message threads for all students in their program from one convenient view. Read more on administrator messaging here.


The Reminders card allows administrators to see all of the activity reminders set at the school for any students. This give greater visibility into which actions might be overdue or are coming due soon.


Brightwheel allows schools to set desired rations for each room in their program. The Ratios section of the administrator home allows admins to quickly check the room ratios for each room on a single page. This can help determine when a teacher may need to be moved into a new room or where coverage is lacking. 

Room Device Mode

Room Device Mode is the easiest and most secure way for a room of teacher to use the same mobile device while still accurately tracking actions for students.  When logging activities or sending messages in Room Device Mode, teachers and staff can choose who is logging the activity by tapping the profile picture in the upper right-hand corner.

Check-in Kiosk

Brightwheel offers the most streamlined and flexible check-in process in early education software. Any teacher with admin access can launch the Check-in Kiosk. This is where parents will enter their four digit check 4-digit code prior to having their student(s) be displayed for check-in. 


Currently, the actual Billing and Reports features lives on the web only. This portion in the app gives an explanation of what the features includes online.

School Profile

Administrators are able to update your contact information, school address, check-in settings, and enable your learning frameworks from here. Premium users can also set their Activities settings to Staff-Only to prevent brightwheel from updating parents when an activity is posted until it has been approved.

Please be aware that the 'Students' count displayed under the School Profile section in the app will include the total number of student profiles associated with your school, including profiles listed as inactive, graduated, removed, duplicate, applied, waitlist, or toured.

You can view a count of total 'Active' students by navigating to the Students tab on the web. This will automatically filter to display only active students. The total number of active students will appear at the bottom right corner below the full student list.

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