For larger centers, Admins may only want staff to have permission to interact with certain rooms. This can be done on the mobile app or on the web. To assign staff to a particular room, follow the directions below.

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Adding Staff To Rooms From The Web

  1. On the web, navigate to the Staff tab

  2. Find a the desired staff member in your account and click on the staff member's name or Options > View/Edit

  3. Click Edit in the Rooms box

  4. Add the desired rooms that the staff should be assigned to and click Save

Please Note:

  • You can also remove room permissions from any room by clicking on the "X" next to the room name.

  • Both School Owners and Staff designated as Admins can add/remove staff room assignments.


Adding Staff To Rooms From Your Mobile App

  1. Open the mobile app to the Administrator Home screen

  2. Select the Staff card from the top part of the dashboard

  3. Tap on the desired staff member

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the profile to Rooms and tap Assigned Rooms 

  5. Use Select All or tap individual Rooms to designate the access (this is noted with a checkmark)

Please Note: Only School Owners and staff with Admin privileges can access this feature on mobile.

Removing a Room From Staff Assignment

  • On the Web: Click Edit in the Rooms box then click the little "X" to the left of the name and Save.

  • On mobile: Go into the Staff profile and click Assigned Rooms.  Next, touch the room to remove the checkmark, then the back arrow in the top left corner then hit Save in the top right corner.

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