Student check-in through our Kiosk and Attendance interfaces are the most popular features on the brightwheel platform. The check-in report is a great way for Admins and Managers to get detailed information regarding who checked in a student and when.

Table of Contents:

View the Check-in Report

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click Reporting on the purple menu to open the Reports page

  3. Under the Room reports section, select Check-in

  4. Select the appropriate Room or select All
    ๐Ÿ’กThe 'All' rooms option is selected by default!

  5. Apply optional Student status and Student filers as needed

  6. Click Apply to view the filtered results

Please Note: For programs that collect a digital signature, this signature will also be displayed on the check-in report.

Export or Print Check-in Report

The check-in report can be printed or exported! If exporting, Administrators and Managers can customize which columns are included before sending the report as a .csv file to one or more specified recipients.

  1. Follow the steps to view the report outlined above

  2. If printing:

    1. Click the grey Print button in the top right corner above the report

    2. Adjust your print settings as needed based on your device or Save as PDF

  3. If exporting:

    1. Click the grey Export button in the top right corner

    2. Use the checkboxes to select which detailed columns should be included in the export

    3. Select which administrators should receive the report, or use the Add button to add new recipient email addresses

    4. Click the orange Send button

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