The room feed is a great way to see an overall activity history of that specific room. The feed is comprised of all of the activities for each student assigned to that room starting at the time they were added to the room. Activities posted to the student's feed before they were assigned to a specific room will not display in the room feed. 

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Approve Staff Only Posts

Brightwheel allows schools to enable staff only posts so that all activities being posted to a student's feed will need to be approved by a school administrator.

What it means: Items marked as Staff Only are not sent to parents. You will see these items when viewing student feeds as a staff member. When parents go to their child's feed, these items will not appear.

Why it's useful: This is great for assessments, observations, and private communication amongst staff members about student learning and behaviors.

Admin Approval feature: Staff Only is also a great way to enable admin approval of posts for those schools that desire this functionality. When teachers mark a post as Staff Only, the admin can simply later remove this designation to publish items to a student's feed.

Please see this article on how to enable Staff Only posts. 

Then when a staff member posts any activity for a child it will be set to Staff Only.

Please note that parent and family contacts will not receive a notification for activities that were originally marked as Staff Only.

Review and Approve Staff Only Posts

  1. Log into the brightwheel web app and click on Rooms from the top menu

  2. Select the desired room from the Room List tab and choose the Feed tab

  3. Slide the toggle switch from All to Staff Only

  4. Check the box next to all the posts you would like to approve or click Select All

  5. Click the Approve button to have these activities display on the student feed

Then these approved activities will be available for parents to see.

Watch the Admin approval tutorial video here:

Edit or Delete an Activity

Available on Web and Mobile

Note: Learning Observations can only be Edited/Deleted on Mobile

Follow these steps to edit actions or activities that have been posted to a student's feed. This can be done from the room or student feed on the web.  

  1. Log into the brightwheel web app and click on Rooms from the top menu.

  2. Select the desired room from the Room List tab and choose the Feed tab.

  3. Here you can filter by date or activity to narrow your search.

  4. Once you find the post you are looking for, click Edit and make the desired changes.  Or delete the activity by clicking Delete Activity in the bottom left-hand corner.

Note: Edit options are limited to date, staff only, and notes at this time. These actions can also be done from the student's personal feed on Mobile.

Changing Room Assignments

The room feed is comprised of all the activities for each student from the time that they were assigned to that room. 

  • Added to a New Room: If a new room is created or a student is added to a different room, the student's historical activities will not be displayed in the new room's feed. Only new activities will be added to the room feed. 

  • Removed From Room: When a student is removed from a room, none of their historical activities that were previously associated with that room will display in the room feed. 

  • Renaming a Room: Renaming a room will keep the room feed entirely intact. There will be not impact on the feed. 

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