Brightwheel’s enrollment forms empower providers by enabling them to collect key information from families interested in enrolling. Information collected is automatically added to the student’s profile and will create new contacts as needed. Providers can collect and store all enrollment-related information in one place and easily see who’s submitted all necessary information and who hasn’t.

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Form Sections and Fields

Each form is comprised of sections that contain fields that parents will be able to fill out. These fields directly correspond with the fields in the student’s profile. Once a section is added to a form, any field can be marked required or deleted by clicking the trash icon. Custom fields can be added to any section.

Please Note: A "Guardian Information" section will be created for each guardian already associated with the student.

Custom Sections and Fields

Custom sections and fields can be added to any form. At this time, any information collected in the custom field will not be displayed directly in the student’s profile, but will always be accessible through that form submission.

At the top of each section, there is an Add fields drop-down where Custom Fields can be created. Any custom field added to a section will be added to the bottom of the section. Click on the Pencil icon to edit the name of the field and choose from the Field Type drop-down:

  • Text
  • True/False
  • Numeric
  • Date

Create a New Form

Creating a new form is quick and easy from the Forms tab of the Enrollment portion of brightwheel.

1. Navigate to the Applications tab in the Enrollment section of brightwheel

2. Choose the Form option from the Create New drop-down

3. Enter the form’s name and description, click Continue

4. Click on the + New Section button and choose the sections to add from the pop-up

5. Mark the desired fields Required, delete any unnecessary fields, or add custom fields to any section

6. Use the orange Preview button to review and click Save form

7. Choose to make the form Live or save as a Draft

Share a Form

Forms can be shared with any family in your program directly from the forms page as long as the student has at least one parent contact added to their account. Alternatively, forms can be shared directly from the Applications tab in an individual student’s profile. Once a form has been shared with a family, all parents associated with that student will receive an email notification inviting them to complete the form. Parents will also be able to view all forms that have been shared with them from the Applications tab in their student's profile.

Review Form Submissions

In order to ensure data integrity and verify the parent has correctly submitted the information requested, forms need to be reviewed by the program. Once a form has been approved, any fields that correlate with a field on the student’s profile will be updated accordingly. Any action taken on a form will update the shared form’s status.

  1. Navigate to the desired form to view submissions
  2. Select Review from the Actions drop-down
  3. Review the information provided on the form and choose Request Changes or Approve submission

Form Statuses

  • Shared - The form has been sent to the parent but no action has been taken
  • In Progress - The form has been viewed or started by a parent but has not been completed
  • Submitted - The parent has completed the form and is awaiting review
  • Viewed - The completed form has been viewed by the center but no action was taken
  • Approved - The submitted form was appropriately completed and reviewed
  • Needs Changes - The center has requested changes and resent the form to parents for them to resubmit.

Requesting changes will resend the form to parents with the details of the changes you have requested. Parents can then resubmit the form. An approved form will immediately update any field tied to the student’s profile.

Please Note: At this time, forms can only be sent to a family one time. If a form is rejected, the center will need to create a new form for that family to complete. In lieu of rejecting, consider requesting changes.

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