Now that you are making your way through the Getting Started Checklist, we recommend getting all your teachers signed up so they can log activities. The school owner and other designated admins can add and invite staff to brightwheel. Your staff members can download the app to their devices or log in from school designated devices. Check out some affordable devices we recommend for your school.

Staff members will be able to log activities for the children in their assigned Rooms and do Check-In. If you would like to offer your Staff some initial training, share this helpful Training Training Playlist.

Not ready to invite your staff to join brightwheel? No problem! You can choose to skip the invite and invite them when you are ready to have them create their accounts. Here's how to send those invites.

Table of Contents:

Add Staff From The Web

The web is a great place to get your staff set up. Follow the instructions here:

  1. Navigate to the Staff tab within the web app

  2. Click the orange + Add Staff button

  3. Enter in the first and last name of the new staff member and email address if you would like the staff member to have their own account. This will give then give you the option to send the invite email immediately or wait (see picture below). Or, you can simply add their name, if you don't have an email address, this works great with Room Device Mode.  Save by clicking Add New Staff.

  4. Find and click Options > View next to their name on the roster

  5. Designate the assigned rooms and their Admin status

Contact Support for these rare issues: 

  • A teacher has already created a brightwheel account, outside of the school

  • You accidentally delete a staff member and need it restored

Please Note: If a teacher does not get the email invitation, please have them create an account with the same email you listed. This will connect them to the school. You can also remind the staff member by clicking Options > Remind. More on invites here.

Add Staff From Your Mobile App

All designated admins will have this access feature.

  1. Select School Profile from the Administrator Home screen

  2. Select the Staff card from the top of the dashboard

  3. Select “+” to enter the name, email, permissions, and room allocation for that teacher

  4. Hit Save and you will see the option to send the teacher an email invitation right away or wait

Add Staff without Email

Please note, you are able to add new staff members without adding an email address right away.  There will be a Needs Email status next to their name in the platform that you can add later to send their invite so they can access their account.

Alternatively, if you would rather not have staff create their own accounts, you can add them without their email addresses and use Room Device Mode instead!

Staff Profiles

Maintaining accurate employment information for each of your staff members is critical for any business. To access a staff member's profile, simply click on their name in the Staff section of the website, or click Options > View/Edit. Below is all of the information that you can save within the staff profile:

  • Personal Info: This section hold all the basic information for the employee, including Name, Email Address, Phone, Date of birth, Allergies, Medication, Doctor's name & number, Emergency contact information, and Notes.

  • Rooms: Manage a staff's room assignments in this section, read more on this here.

  • Permissions: The permissions sections allows school administrators to provide access to staff members to Edit Student Information or Admin level privileges.

  • Address: Enter the staff member's mailing or physical address here.

  • Employee Personal Information: Add the staff member's Hire Date and any additional Notes.

  • Certifications: Log any Degrees, Certifications, and educational credits, see more on this here.

  • Personal Development Hours: The perfect place to log any trainings, courses, or any other educational accomplishments that the staff member has attended or earned internally or through a third party. Dive deeper by reviewing this article

  • Attachments: This feature enables administrators to add attachments directly to an individual profile for download later and report on expiring documents that need to be renewed, see more on this here

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