Transitioning into a new school year is a busy time that can require a lot of preparation and planning. To make things just a little bit easier, administrators can leverage bulk management tools in brightwheel to keep student, staff, and billing information up-to-date.

When preparing for this time of year, we recommend focusing on these key areas:

Update Student Roster

There are several ways that administrators can leverage brightwheel’s roster tools to prepare for a new school year. Many providers choose to archive student profiles for students who are graduating from the program, aging out, moving, or are otherwise not expected to return. Archiving profiles allows providers to filter out past students from current students, without losing access to necessary data and records.

Administrators are also able to create new profiles for students at any time, from the app or the web.

To make this process more efficient, brightwheel offers several options to manage students in bulk:

Note that contacts with Parent and Family Member access will still be able to view historical profiles, logged activities, logged attendance, billing history, and messages for archived students. Administrators who would prefer that contacts lose access to these historical records will also want to remove contacts from each archived student’s profile.

Update Staff List

The beginning of a new school year or seasonal program is an excellent opportunity for administrators to review staff records. This may include:

Update Rooms

Some programs choose to keep the same or similar rooms from year-to-year, while some programs opt to create new rooms or rename rooms for each seasonal or school year transition.

Administrators have full control over room management, including creating rooms, editing or renaming rooms, and deleting rooms.

Update Billing Plans

Brightwheel has begun releasing our new billing platform for new users. If the content in this article does not match what you see in your account, please click here for related content in your account.

It’s important to make sure that billing plans have been deleted for graduated students, so that no new charges are added to their billing accounts - this can be done in a few quick steps with brightwheel’s bulk delete billing plans tool!

Once the previous year’s plans have been deleted, we encourage providers to use this opportunity to review their Charge Library. If rates have changed or a program will be offering different services, now is a great time to make sure those adjustments are reflected in the Charge Library before new billing plans are created. Once the Charge Library is updated and ready to go, administrators can also create billing plans for multiple students at once.

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