In order to get started on brightwheel, you will need to start by adding rooms. Rooms can be organized in many ways. They can be named after physical classrooms, one giant room, or rooms by age group, the choice is yours! You can create rooms from both the web and mobile app. After you add a room, you can add your students and staff and assign them to one or more rooms. 

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Add a Room

Rooms are the best way to organize your students, staff, learning curriculum, and filter reports and billing. Maintaining rooms in brightwheel is vital. Creating rooms can be done online or through the app. Only users with administrator permissions can manage rooms.

On The Web

To add a room from the web, log in to your school's account and follow these steps:

  1. Select Rooms on the top left tab.

  2. Click the button: Add Room 

  3. Type in the name of the room and click Create Room

On Your Mobile App

From the app, rooms can be created and managed from the school profile at any time.

  1. From the Administrator Home screen tap School Profile

  2. Tap the Rooms card at the top

  3. Enter the name of the new room and navigate back when complete

Modify or Remove a Room

Editing the name of a room or deleting it is done in very similar ways. The user must have administrator-level permissions to modify any rooms and can be done from the app or online.

Before you can delete a room in brightwheel, you will first need to remove any students from that classroom. You can check out this article to learn how to change a student's room assignment.

On The Web

  1. Click on the Rooms tab in the web portal.

  2. Click the room you'd like to delete

  3. Click Room Settings in the upper right

  4. Update the name as desired and click Update Room or click Delete this Room (confirm by entering the room name exactly)

On Your Mobile App

  1. From the Administrator Home screen tap School Profile

  2. Tap the Rooms card at the top

  3. Enter the new room name(s) and navigate back or tap the X to delete


Adding a Homeroom is a great way to check a student-in using Quick Scan and the check-in Kiosk. It allows you to assign the specific room the student will be checked into while using Quick Scan. (Previously students were checked-in to Rooms alphabetically).

For example, assigning "Room C" as a homeroom will ensure that the student is checked into this room rather than "Room A".

To add a Homeroom from the web:

  1. Click Edit beside the Homeroom section

  2. Assign the desired homeroom

  3. Click Save

The homeroom will then be successfully added.

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