Any individual on your account with Admin privileges is able to manage and delete staff members on the website as well as the mobile brightwheel app. Once a staff member has been removed from a center they will not longer have access to any school or student information.

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Remove Staff Members

On the Web:

Click on the Staff tab at the top of the screen, then select the staff member you wish to delete. Next, you'll click on Options on the right-hand side of the screen, then Delete

From the Mobile App:

  1. From the Administrator Home screen, click on School Profile

  2. Click on the Staff card at the top of the screen

  3. Once you click on the staff member you wish to delete, scroll down until you see the Delete button.

Export Employee Records

It's important to note that when a staff member is removed from brightwheel, their check-in/out records will no longer be reportable in the Timecards and Payroll reports. Be sure to export these records PRIOR to removing these staff members to ensure you are able to access these historical records at a later date.


We do not recommend having your staff members use shared login information. Room Device Mode is a feature we recently built to avoid having staff members share logins.  

If your staff members already share login information, please make sure that all passwords are changed when terminating a staff member. Please also contact our Support team so we can do a forced logout on all devices. 

Temp or On-Call Staff Members

In cases where a staff member or teacher is not regularly working such as a substitute or on-call teacher, administrators can still create staff accounts for these employees. When this employee is called in, simply update their room assignment to reflect where they are working that day. When they are no longer needed in that room, you can remove all room assignments for that user. This allows you to maintain check-in records for that employee but does not give them access to school records when they are not actively working for you.

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