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[For Admins + Billing Only Role] Bill payers for one-time student fees or services

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One-time charges are a helpful way to charge students one-off for an array of services that may not recur on a regular frequency, such as registration fees, deposits, meals, field trips, one-off agency charges for subsidies that may not recur on a regular frequency, and more. Administrators can create a separate invoice for this one-time charge, either for a single student or in bulk. If you need to manually send an invoice, we recommend using the one-time charge feature.

Add a One-time Charge

  1. Log into brightwheel on the web

  2. Select the Billing tab from the purple dashboard menu

  3. From the At a Glance tab, click on the Select an Action drop-down menu, and choose to Add a one-time charge

  4. Select a student or students to process the charge for

  5. Click Next

  6. Choose to Add an existing charge from the Library or Create a new charge
    💡If you need to assign charges to specific payers on the student's account, for example, if you are adding a one-time charge for a subsidy agency payment, review the steps Assign Charge to Specific Payers below before continuing!

  7. Click Next

  8. Set the invoice due date

  9. Click Next

  10. Review the information and make any necessary changes, then click Create invoice

One-time charges will post to a student's account and be visible to payers immediately, even if the due date is in the future.

ℹ️ If a one-time charge has a due date in the future and the payer is enrolled in autopay, payment will only be triggered via autopay on the due date of that specific invoice.

Assign Charge to Specific Payers

When adding a One-time charge for a single student, you will have the option to split the charge between multiple payers on the student's account. This will divide the balance owed between the selected payers. You can also choose to assign the total charge to a single-payer. Private payers will view the portion they owe within their account under the student's account balance. This option will be visible on the 'Add charges' step once you've created a new charge or when editing an existing charge.

  1. On the charge, click Actions

  2. From the drop-down, select Edit charge

  3. On the Assign charge to specific payer(s)? option, move the toggle to YES

  4. Check the boxes of the payer(s) who should pay towards this change and adjust the assigned amount as needed

  5. Select the checkboxes of the payer(s) who should owe portions towards this charge or if a specific payer will pay the total charge amount.

  6. Press Save once you've split the charge(s)

Edit One-time Charge

Administrators also have the option to add or edit charges on the next four upcoming invoices on a student's billing plan.

1. Navigate to the student's billing account

2. Select the Upcoming Invoices tab

3. Click Edit next to the invoice you want to edit

4. Click + Add Charge to add a one-time charge to that invoice or Actions > Edit Charge to update the existing charge amount for that invoice.

Charges added to upcoming invoices will not post immediately and instead will post on their regularly scheduled post date. Please note that changes made to a specific invoice will not impact the recurring charges associated with the student's billing plan.

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