Student Check-In Overview

[For Admins + Managers] Brightwheel’s check-in experience is configurable to best fit the needs of the program, staff, and families!

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Brightwheel provides a secure and user-friendly check-in system for staff and guardians. Utilize the Kiosk or QR code scanning features for student attendance, or let staff check students in through the web and app using Attendance Mode.

Parents enjoy a secure digital sign-in, capturing drop-off and pick-up times, and enhanced security features like check-in codes and digital signatures. Customize additional security and health checks based on provider preferences.

Attendance records help administrators maintain ratios, manage billing hours, and can even be exported for licensing requirements.

ℹ️ For more information on staff check-in, please visit our Staff Check-in Overview Help Center.

Implementing brightwheel Check-in

Check-in Kiosk

Administrators and staff can set up a check-in Kiosk on the mobile app for student contacts to securely check their child in and out during the day. A check-in code is required to complete a check-in, but there are additional requirements that can be enforced to meet the needs of the center:

  1. Digital Signatures - Require student contacts sign their digital signature at pick-up and drop-off

  2. Quick Scan - Student contacts can scan a printed, or digitally displayed QR code for touchless check-in

  3. Health Screen - Collect additional health information at check-in

ℹ️ Learn more about how to Set Up Check-in Kiosk.

Quick Scan

Programs can opt for a digital QR code on a kiosk or a printed QR code for student check-ins. Contacts can scan it using the brightwheel app, enter their 4-digit check-in code, and fulfill additional requirements like Digital Signatures and Health Screens.

ℹ️ Learn more about Quick Scan Management and steps to access the QR code.

Staff Check-in Students

Brightwheel's Attendance Mode feature allows staff to internally track the whereabouts of each student throughout the day. Staff can check students in and out, move them to different rooms that the student is assigned to, or mark them absent.

Programs can control whether contacts are notified when logging student attendance in the check-in settings.

ℹ️ Explore our Attendance Mode resource for steps on staff checking students in and out.

Check-In Codes

Any time a student is checked in or out by anyone other than a staff member, a check-in code will be required. Users receive a unique check-in code upon creating their account, which can be customized and should be kept confidential. In certain states, these codes are accepted as a digital signature equivalent.

ℹ️ Visit our Locate and Edit Check-in Code resource for information on how users can find and edit their code

View Check-in Codes for Student Contacts

  1. Login to brightwheel from a web browser

  2. Click on My School > Parents from the side menu

  3. Select the tab Parents, Family, or Approved Pickups at the top to select the contact type

  4. Under the Check-in Code column on the right side of the page, click Reveal All

Guardian Resources

For step by step guidance on how to check a child in and out, please direct student contacts to our Check in Students as Guardian resource!

Additional Check-in Features

↓ Drop Off Form

Drop-off forms allow parents to provide extra details like wake-up time, last meal, bathroom use, optional pickup time, or leave a custom note during check-in. Integrated seamlessly, it doesn't need setting changes for parents to use the +Add info option.

The provided details become part of the check-in record, visible on the student's feed for both staff and parents.

↓ Digital Signatures

Require student contacts digitally sign their signature each time they check their child in and out. Please visit our Digital Signatures resource for more information and steps on enabling this feature.

↓ Health Screenings

Require student contacts complete a health questionnaire upon check-in. Get notified when students fail the screening to ensure the wellness of your students and staff!

Please visit our Check-In Health Screening Questionnaire resource for steps on enabling this feature.

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