Our schools love the attendance feature known as Check In. This secure, digital sign-in feature tracks when children are dropped off and picked up along with who signed them in and out. It is so much easier than a sign-in sheet or clipboard, this feature is useful for managing billing hours and tracking attendance for licensing requirements.

Check In also allows Admins to keep & download attendance Reports and helps to indicate Ratios. It also replaces the need to collect signatures by using our 4 digit Check In codes. Check In can only be accessed from the Mobile App. (Not a desktop computer) Download the app here.

Setting Up Check In/Out For Students

Currently, the check in process happens on the App from the Teacher’s device. Each school operates a bit differently, here are 4 ways you can set up Check In:

  1. Teacher Checking In Students on the school's device

The Teacher:

  1. On the bottom right, selects the Check In icon
  2. Taps the Student to check them in.
  3. Later, taps them again to check them out

Please note: Parents will receive a Push Notification when a student is checked in and checked out. This will also appear on the child’s Daily Feed.

2. Parents Checking In Students on the school's device

First, Teacher leaves app open on a device like a tablet or phone at the front of the classroom or front desk. For set up, the Teacher:

  1. Selects Check In on the bottom right,
  2. Selects Settings icon on the top right
  3. Enables Check In Codes or Signatures
  4. Selects the Lock Icon on the top right (prevents parents from navigating away). 

Second, Parents will:

  1. Approach device on Check In/Check Out
  2. Select their child’s picture
  3. Enter their 4 digit check in code or their signature.

3. Premium Quick Scan: Parents Checking in Students from the parent's device

Parents can check in their child leveraging their own mobile devices by scanning their app over a QR code on your school devices.

See full description and directions for Quick Scan setup.

If you are looking for "Check-In Kiosk", you can find more information here.

Setting Up Check In Codes

For a refresher course on how to set up/edit your check-in code, along with instructions for parents to set up their own check-in codes, please click here.

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