Student Check-In Overview

Brightwheel’s check-in experience is configurable to best fit the needs of the provider, their staff, and their families.

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Brightwheel provides a secure and configurable check-in experience that staff and parents will love. The brightwheel Kiosk and attendance features offer a secure digital sign-in experience that tracks the time and date of a student's drop off and pick up, the user who signed them in/out, and additional security through a check-in code and digital signatures. The Kiosk is an easier and more secure sign-in process when compared to pen and paper and QuickScan is an added benefit to promote a touchless sign-in experience. Staff and administrators can also track attendance on the web and mobile app.

With the check-in Kiosk, staff can also clock-in/out of specific rooms throughout the day. Please review our Staff Check-in Help Center resource to learn more. These student and staff records help administrators track and maintain Ratios, managing billing hours, and tracking attendance for licensing requirements.

ℹ️ The kiosk check-in is only available on the mobile app.

Implementing brightwheel Check-in

Brightwheel has two primary ways to manage and track a student’s attendance. Student contacts can check their student in via the check-in Kiosk, or scanning a QR code, available to all Premium users. Alternatively, staff and administrators can check students in via the web, or on the mobile app via Attendance Mode which is available on all plans. The Kiosk has additional security and health options that can be configurable based on the provider's needs while the Attendance Mode feature is great to track a student’s movement throughout the day.

Check-in Kiosk

The check-in Kiosk is an incredibly versatile tool that can be adjusted to fit the needs of the center. While a check-in code is required to complete a check-in, there are additional requirements that can be enforced. A few simple questions will help determine how best to set up the kiosk and which check-in settings to enable:

  1. Digital Signatures - Are digital signatures required by the state or preferred by the staff?

  2. Quick Scan - Which is preferred: Students are checked in on the provider’s device? OR Student contacts complete the check-in on their personal devices?

  3. Health Screen - Does the center need to collect additional health or student information at check-in?

Staff Check-in Students

Brightwheel's Attendance feature allows staff to internally track the whereabouts of each student throughout the day. Staff can check students in and out, move them to different rooms that the student is assigned to, or mark them absent. Programs can control whether contacts are notified when logging student attendance in the check-in settings.

To learn more about staff and administrators checking students in and out on the web, or on the mobile app via Attendance Mode, please visit our Attendance Mode Help Center Resource

Check-In Codes

Any time a student is checked in or out by anyone other than a staff member, a check-in code will be required. Every user with a brightwheel account has a check-in code assigned to them upon the account's creation. These codes can be modified by the user and should not be shared. Some states accept these as a digital equivalent to a signature.

Drop Off Form

Drop-off forms are also a helpful option to ask for additional information such as when their child woke up, ate last, the last time they used the bathroom, to set an optional pickup time, or just to leave a note. This option is built into the check-in experience and does not require any setting changes for parents to use the Add info option.

This additional information will be included in the check-in record and viewable from the student's feed for both staff and parents.

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