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[For Admins + Managers] Overview of how staff can check in and how employers can track staff attendance for payroll and room ratios.

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Brightwheel delivers a secure check-in experience for staff with three convenient options: self-check-in via Kiosk, Attendance Mode, or touchless check-in by scanning a QR code. Administrators and Managers can check themselves in and also manage staff attendance through Attendance Mode.

Implementing Staff Check-in

Check-in Kiosk

Administrators can set up a check-in Kiosk on the mobile app for staff to check in and out during the day. Staff can even check in from the same kiosk set up for student contacts. A check-in code is required to complete the check-in process.

ℹ️ Please visit our Set Up Check-in Kiosk resource for steps in implementing a kiosk.

Quick Scan

Programs can choose to display a digital QR code on a kiosk, or print a QR code that staff can scan to check in and out. Staff can scan the same code used by student contacts and will scan the code directly from the brightwheel app on their mobile device.

ℹ️ Please visit our Quick Scan Management resource for steps on pulling up a QR code.

Attendance Mode

Brightwheel's Attendance Mode feature allows for administrators to easily check in and out other staff without needing a check-in code. Staff can also use this feature to check themselves in and out with just a few taps.

ℹ️ Visit How to Check in as Staff for steps on using Attendance Mode to check yourself, or staff in and out.

💡Administrators can restrict Staff/Lead Staff self-check-in via Attendance Mode outside the program. Explore our Manage Staff Check-in resource for details.

Check-In Codes

Whenever staff check in via a Kiosk or QR code, a check-in code isrequired Users receive a code upon account creation, which can be customized and should be kept confidential.

ℹ️ Please visit our Locate and Edit Check-in Code to share with staff.

View Check-in Codes for Staff

  1. Login to brightwheel from a web browser

  2. Click on Staff & Payroll from the side menu

  3. Under the Check-in Code column on the right side of the page, click Reveal

Staff Resources

For step by step guidance on how staff can check themselves in and how to view their timecards please direct staff to our How to Check in as Staff resource!

Staff Check-in from Any Device

Within your School Settings, you will have the option to enable or disable ‘Staff Check-in from Any Device’.

When this setting is toggled ON, staff can check in using any of the methods listed above including Attendance Mode to check themselves in and out, along with other staff.

When turned OFF, staff cannot self-check-in or out in Attendance Mode, or while away from the program. The Staff tab in Attendance Mode is hidden so staff cannot check in themselves in or other staff. Staff must use the Kiosk or Quick Scan, if enabled, to check in.

ℹ️ To manage the “Staff check-in from any device” setting, review our School Settings Help Center resource.

Auto Check Out Staff

This Payroll Setting is a valuable option for programs aiming to prevent errors during staff check-in. If a staff member forgets to check out and attempts to check in again the next day, they'll receive an error message indicating, "This timecard cannot be updated. The staff member already has a timecard within this time period."

Avoid this issue by enabling the Auto Check Out Staff setting. When turned on, this will auto-checkout all staff members still checked in for a day at midnight. Administrators may still be required to edit a timecard entry to the correct check-out time, but this proactive measure prevents the need for immediate corrections.

💡 If staff encounter the error "This timecard cannot be updated. The staff member already has a timecard within this time period" during check-in, refer to the last FAQ for correction steps.


How do I manage settings for Staff Check-In?

You can update the Check-in Settings to allow staff to check in/out on their personal devices or a device set to Kiosk mode. From there, we recommend determining how you'd like your staff to check in/out each day by selecting the appropriate process above and communicating those expectations.

How do Staff Check-in & Ratios work?

Once you start having teachers check-in and out, you can check the Room Check screen for accurate ratios!

Where can staff find/edit their check-in codes?

You and your teachers can go to your Profile settings and set the check-in code for your own account.

What should I do if my staff gets a “This timecard cannot be updated. The staff member already has a timecard within this time period” error?

If staff are having trouble checking in and receiving this error, it indicates that the staff member has an open or overlapping timecard and is currently signed into a classroom. Staff cannot be checked into multiple rooms simultaneously and must be checked out of the previous room before entering a new one.

To fix an open timecard, take steps below to locate and edit the open record:

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Navigate to the Staff & Payroll page on the left sidebar

  3. Toggle over to Time tracking

  4. Under All timecards, filter by the Staff member

  5. Check the box "Show only open timecards"

  6. Click Actions to delete or add a check-out time to any record missing a Time out

  7. After fixing, ask the staff member to try checking in again

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