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[For Admins + Managers] Learn how to check real-time student:staff ratios for rooms from the mobile app and web

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Maintaining proper ratios at a program, in each room, is vital. Each room can have a customized student:staff ratio and capacity set up in the Room Settings and checking in on these ratios is easily done from both the mobile app and web.

Check Room Ratios on the Mobile App

Admins and Managers can access ratios information on the App by clicking Ratios on the Administrator Home page.

This will open the Room Check page seen to the right to display all rooms and the ratios per room.

When a room exceeds its maximum ratio, Admins and Managers will be alerted via a push notification that will direct them to this same page. Tapping on the room with the alert will directly pull up the attendance screen for the room in question to move staff or students as needed to return to compliance.

View Room Check Report on the Web

  1. Log in on the web

  2. On the side menu, click to open the Reporting page

  3. Click to expand the Room reports section and then Room check

  4. A list of All Rooms and each individual room will be displayed with students in, staff in, and the equivalent ratio

  5. Click Refresh as needed to view ratios in real-time

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