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[For All Staff] Learn how to access and manage Room Settings to choose show students are shown, set ratios, room capacity, and more.

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Every classroom is different and we've empowered Admins and Staff to set up their Room Settings based on the preferences of those assigned to the room.

Access Room Settings

From the School Profile

From the Room

  1. Log in on the app

  2. Tap School Profile

  3. Locate and tap the Room Settings option under the 'School Settings' section

  4. Select the appropriate room

  5. Click Manage Settings

  6. Modify as needed
    💡 Learn about each setting option below!

  7. Tap Save when finished

  1. From the Administrator Home page, tap Rooms

  2. Once in the room, tap Manage in the top right corner

  3. Modify as needed
    💡 Learn about each setting option below!

  4. Tap Save when finished

ℹ️ These options are specific to the room, not the school. When editing these features for a room, all staff who are assigned to that room will see those changes in their accounts.

Room Settings Options

The options once the Room Settings have been accessed are as follows:

Setting Name

Setting Description

Permissions to View/Manage Setting

Sort by Last Name

By default, students are sorted by their first name; this option allows you to sort them by their last name

All Staff

Show Check-In Status

Students who are not checked in will show dulled version of their profile picture, while those who are checked in will be more vibrant and have a checkmark

All Staff

Set the desired student-to-staff ratio to be alerted when these ratios are exceeded

Admins and Manager Only

Set the maximum number of students that should be checked into the room at any given time

Admins and Managers Only

This feature allows you to filter the students that appear in your room list based on the status set in their student profile

All Staff

See our Managing Rooms and Room Device Mode resources to learn more about how rooms function!

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