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Set Up Check-in Kiosk

[For Admins + Managers] Learn how to set up the Check-in Kiosk for your parents and staff to use.

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The Check-in Kiosk streamlines program check-ins! Staff can clock in/out and parents can check in/out students using a unique 4-digit code or by scanning a digital QR code displayed on the kiosk, if your program uses Quick Scan.

Admins and staff can enable a Check-In Kiosk on their mobile device. The Kiosk locks your screen and pauses notifications to maintain a secure process for your school.

💡Staff can use the Kiosk to track their hours. To find out more about staff timecards, we recommend reviewing our Check in as Staff and Staff Time Tracking articles

Access the Check-in Kiosk

Both staff and admins have access to the check-in kiosk.

Admins can open the kiosk on any device by logging into their brightwheel account and clicking Check-in Kiosk to then enter their 4-digit check-in code to lock the device in kiosk mode. This allows all student contacts and staff to check in/out.

For Staff, their access is restricted. They can only open the kiosk for the rooms they are assigned to. This limits check-in/out permissions to staff assigned to the room and student contacts associated with the students assigned to that room.

Open Check-in Kiosk as an Administrator

  1. Log into your Admin/Manager account on the brightwheel app on any device

  2. Navigate to the Administrator Home Screen on the mobile app

  3. Tap Check-in Kiosk

  4. Enter your 4-digit code
    💡​ Not sure of your check-in code? You can find this under Edit Profile in your account.

To exit the Kiosk, tap Exit and enter your 4-digit code again to confirm.

Open Check-in Kiosk as a Staff Member

  1. Log into the brightwheel app

  2. Tap to open a room

  3. Tap Attendance

  4. Tap Check-in Kiosk

  5. Enter your 4-digit code
    💡​ ​Not sure of your check-in code? You can find this under Edit Profile in your account.

To exit the Kiosk, tap Exit and enter your 4-digit code again to confirm.

Check-in Kiosk in Room Device

The Check-in Kiosk is also available while your device is in Room Device Mode! To enter the Check-in Kiosk while in Room Device Mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Attendance tab 

  2. Tap on the Open Check-in Kiosk button at the bottom

🚩 There are a few differences when using the kiosk in Room Device Mode compared to the regular kiosk mode:

  • The screen will not be locked, which means no check-in code is required to enter or exit the kiosk.

  • Push notifications will still be displayed while in the kiosk (in the regular check-in kiosk, push notifications are blocked).

Parent Check-in

Once the administrator has determined the proper settings for the school and the Check-in Kiosk is launched, student contacts such as parents, family, and approved pickups will be able to check children in or out by entering their unique 4-digit code into the keypad displayed on the kiosk.

💡We recommend sharing our Checking in Students as a Guardian Help Center resource with parents to show them how to use this feature!

Check-in Settings

Administrators can manage their check-in settings to determine exactly how they would like to have parents check their students in each day. You have the option to enable parent signatures, health screens, Quick Scan, and more!

Check out our Manage School Check-In Settings Help Center resource to find out about the additional check-in settings available.

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